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Page Editor: Norman Jackson

Page last Reviewed: 15 Apr 2020

The dale has a good range of habitats, including lakes, rivers, broad-leaved and coniferous woodlands, grassland, marsh, moorland and mountain/crags. This is why some 115 bird species have been recorded in the area in recent years.
The birds recorded are listed in the following table, including an indication of their status in this dale (note: the term 'Rare' relates to this area - they may be common elsewhere e.g. Starlings).

Key:   W = Winter Visitor
         S = Summer Visitor
         A = Present All Year
         B = Breeding Confirmed

If you know of other birds that have been seen and are not on the list, or if you spot anything in the future, please send details to the Page Editor.
Paul Neate in Glenridding was quick with his camera to capture this nice picture of a Sparrowhawk that visited his garden in July 2009.