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St Patrick's Church Patterdale, Glenridding, Deepdale and Hartsop

History of St Patrick's

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St Patrick’s Pipe Organ 

A principal focus of the Friends of St Patrick's ' current activities is the promotionof musical events in the Church and the raising of money, at the request of the PCC, to fund the cost of restoration of the Church's pipe organ.  

St Patrick's is remarkably privileged for a small and relatively remote rural parish to have a particularly fine instrument which was built by one of the leading organ builders of the Victorian period, William Hill, who also built, amongst other notable instruments, the organs at Ely and Chester Cathedrals, and at King's College Cambridge and the Chapel Royal.  In October 2012 the organ was dismantled by Andrew Carter of Wakefield whose firm renovated the organ to a very high standard and increased its number of pipes from 660 to 931. It was reinstalled in March 2013 to great acclaim. The cost was £75,000, of which £60,000 was raised by the Friends with significant icontributions from two principal donors, Stephen Gorton and Mike Town. The Carlisle Diocese provided us with a loan for the remaining £15,000 which has now been repaid thanks to the success of the Church's concert programme and Mike Town's weekly "The Local Organist Entertains" that takes place at 8.30pm mainly on Mondays during the summer. 

Boon Day the next one is Saturday 28 October 10am - 12 noon

Boon Day Helpers 
Boon Day July 2015

Every five weeks of so a group of helpers, church-goers and non church-goers, meet in St Patrick's church yard at Patterdale, to spend a couple of hours tidying it up. We call these sessions "Boon Days" and they are open to anyone wishing to come along and join us. They are actually good fun and there is satisfaction in seeing the result of two hours collaborative effort. If you would like to try a Boon Day just turn up on the day or give Richard Theobald a ring on 017684 82379 and he will answer any queries you may have. Give it a try?

Special thanks to Keith Fazey who resurfaced the main paths with gravel. Something we badly needed doing.

Sunday 29th October


Celebrated by Reverend Terry Wilcock

Everyone most welcome !!

Services are usually held every Sunday at 10:30am 

Additional services are on other Holy days 

A full programme is on display outside the church 

As always, all are very welcome to join us

St Patrick's services are now delivered as an independent benefice.

The Reverend Terry Wilcock 017684 82209 

Roman Catholic Church

Saturday Vigil Masses

    5pm Keswick 
    7.00pm Cockermouth

Sunday Masses

    8.30am Penrith 
    9.00am Keswick, Wigton
    9.30am Ambleside 
    10.30am Penrith
    11.00am Cockermouth 
    11.15am Windermere
    5.15pm Windermere
    6.00pm Wigton

The Church Council

The next Church Council meeting will be held at 6.00pm on Monday, 4th December in the Rectory.
An Extraordinary Church Council meeting will be held in the church at 11.35am after morning service on Sunday 29th October.

The Friends of St Patrick's

The next Committee meeting will be on Monday 30 October at 7.30pm in the Church Meeting Room