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Photographs from the 2010 Boundary Walk taken by the support team.
 Graham Lightfoot, Alastair Howard-Canter,
Tom Iredale
 Peter and Martin Butcher, Philip Brown
Michelle, Tyrone, Millie and Dominic Castles
Jean Upward, Maureen Page, Pauline Smith
and Pat Dyson
 John Melling and Katie Stewart
Andrew Dantsy, Mike and Marion Parsons,
Simon and Marion Bowen
Peter Faulder
Simon McManus, Graham Banks
John Tracey, Stephen Cotter
Tony Burton, Mike Rippon, Chris Gaskarth,
Glenn Bridge, Alan Hudson
Rob Shephard, Mark Quinn, Gavin Mitchell,
Fraser Campbell
Pat Johnson, Ann Burrell (Helpers)
Geoff and Diana Manning, Tim and Pat Cook
Andrew Laing with Grace, Maddy and and Isaac
Nicola Reay and Cora Siddle
 Andrew Laing and daughter Maddy
Emma and Jane Shephard, Debbie and Sam Quinn,
Millie and Dominic Castles
Fra and Judy Cooke with family
Hilary, Maddy, Isaac and Grace Laing, Ian Griggs
Aiden Raftery, Will Smith, Paul Dubenski, David Rust, Robert and Paul Hanson, Anthony Collier
Simon Davis, Tom Meikle, Helen Smith, Rob Stilliard
Sue Oxley, Heather Thomas-Smith, David Albon
Marie Svienqula, Paul Baxter, Emma Johnstone,
James King
Hilary Fell, Yvonne Healing, Stephen Gorton,
Peter Morrett, Clare Debenham
Rob Shephard, Chris Lawrence, Vince Johnson
Chris and Helen Lawrence, Hayley Dawes,
Hannah Pitchford
Joan Wear, Margaret Boothroyd, Anne Clifford (Helpers) 
Robert and Jane Theobold, Ken Ross
Lucie, Harry and Alfie Stockdale
(youngest competitors)