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Patterdale Housing Need
Survey, Results, Next Steps

Our local Housing Group have published the results of the recent Patterdale Parish Housing Need survey, and have issued a press release outlining next steps. Go to our Affordable Housing page to see a summary of the results & read the press release. Click here to see a full copy of the Housing Need survey report.

Fibre Broadband for Hartsop Now available

Openreach have now completed the work to bring fibre to Hartsop and is now available for local premises to order. Judging from experience elsewhere, some Internet Service Providers may take longer than others to wise up to the new fibre availability, so may need prompting. It's important to remember that you have to order the new fibre broadband service from an Internet Service Provider - you will not be automatically upgraded. 
Click here to check what service is available to your house. 

Click the Button is back and better !!

Now that most of the parish can sign up for super fast fibre broadband, it will be interesting for everyone to see the kinds of speeds people are getting or can expect to get if they sign up for the service. See the results so far.

BroadbandUK have provided us with a bespoke speed tester, which is much quicker and easier to use. Help us to get more measurements by asking friends and neighbours to click on the 'Red Button' above and let us know the result. We don't mind how many times you run the test.

Glenridding Village Hall
Book now for 2020!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Village Hall.  If you want to make a booking for 2020, please contact us on:

Two New Installations
on the Ullswater Way

The two new installations are not Gillian and Tom at the Patterdale Post Office. One of the new installations is a plaque at the Post Office to mark the very first shop to sell  copies of Alfred Wainwright's  guidebooks to the fells.

The second installation is a slate sculpture along the Ullswater Way under Arthur's Pike.The installations are part of a series commissioned by the Friends of the Ullswater Way. Click here to go to the Friends blog for the full story and lots more pictures.
Speeding Past
Patterdale School?

Patterdale School is concerned about motorists driving at speed past the school. Danielle Ousby, our local Police Community Support Officer, has got in touch with Patterdale Today asking us to highlight the issue - Danielle says that "other measures" are being looked into but the message is clear - Please don't speed past Patterdale School!

See More of Cumbria & The Lake District

Click here to read about a new project promoting sustainable travel into Cumbria and the Lake District.

Cumbria Patient Feedback
Website Launched

You can now give online feedback on your experience of any NHS service in Cumbria and read reviews posted by others. Click here to visit the website, which has the full support of all health providers in Cumbria.

Glenridding Common
An Update from the
John Muir Trust

There is a new publication from the John Muir Trust - "Common Ground" - which reports on the first 18 months of their management of Glenridding Common. Click here to read the John Muir publication.

Ullswater Valley
Woodland Management Plan

The National Trust is in the final stages of preparing a 10 year woodland management plan for woodlands in its care in the Ullswater valley, and a draft is now open for a consultation period. They would like to invite members of the local community to view and comment if they wish on proposals for woodland management.

 A summary of the plan and some FAQs are available at www.forestplans.co.uk, where if you would like to view and comment on this plan you can search for ‘National Trust Ullswater woodlands’. Comments on these proposals can be made  until the 29th December on the forestplans website, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Woodland Ranger, Liam Plummer, using the contact details on the forestplans website.

Restoring Ullswater’s Rivers

Latest News (October 2019)

Latest advice from the National Trust: 

"Contractor appointed - following a robust procurement process the National Trust have now appointed Ebsford Environmental as the contractor for their Goldrill Beck project. Ebsford Environmental are leading aquatic restoration contractors based in Yorkshire, their use of low impact technology and techniques allows them to provide sustainable solutions that minimise waste, lower impacts and respect our natural environment. Work will start next spring."

 The National Trust have secured major grant funding which will cover 84% of the cost of the Goldrill Beck project - click here for full details.

November 1918

"In November 1918 Hedley Grenfell climbed Helvellyn 19 times in one week to celebrate the end of the war. A bonfire was lit. He now lies in Patterdale churchyard"

His nephew, Harry Grenfell who was born in Hedley's cottage in Glenridding, had been wounded in the Battle of the Somme but thankfully survived the war. His name appears on the Roll of Honour, click here for more details.

Many thanks to Hedley Grenfell-Banks who sent us this photo with a note "Hedley Grenfell was my grandfather; his work at Greenside mine explains his presence in the dale at this time"

  Local Webcam Links
  Kirkstone Pass Webcam
  Glenridding Cybercafe Webcam
  Inn on the Lake Webcam
  Pooley Bridge Pier Webcam
  Windermere Ferry Webcam

Old Maps of the Area

We have added some links in the Local History section of the site, to zoom-able images of several old 6 inch Ordnance Survey maps of the dale. They cover the years 1859, 1900 and 1913. Click here - they are fascinating to look at. 

 Patterdale Parish Community Profile

ACT (ACTion with Communities in Cumbria) has produced  individual Parish community profiles based largely on data from the 2011 Census. Click here to see the Patterdale  profile.

Eden & South Lakeland
Credit Union

Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union is a not-for-profit community organisation owned by its members. Click here to go to their website and learn how to join and get details of the saving & borrowing opportunities on offer.

Local Entertainment

To check out what's on at our local cinemas and theatres, click above to access the Links Page.

Then and Now Pictures

A few years ago, we were delighted to receive, from two readers, quite a selection of Joseph Lowe photographs showing how the dale looked around a hundred years ago. Some of these images have been added to our Then and Now gallery alongside a photograph of the same scene today. If you can help to date any of the pictures or suggest any narrative for them, please e-mail the editors.

Local History Section

We continue to add new items to the popular Local History section of this website. We also believe that we have solved the mystery of G R Bennett on the War Memorial.

The large collection of transcriptions that Chris Darvill has made over the years, such as the Parish Registers, Directories and Census Records, will be of interest to Family Historians. All of the graveyard memorials have now been transcribed and photographed by Chris.

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service - Home Fire Risk Self Assessment

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service have launched an online self-assessment survey enabling residents in Cumbria to gauge their risk of falling victim to fire in the home. Click here to access the online assessment.

Prince of Wales Visit

Did you know that a Prince of Wales spent two nights in Patterdale? 
Click Here for more details.

  Community Links
 Patterdale Parish Council
 Glenridding Village Hall
 Patterdale School
 Glenridding Health Centre
 Community Development Centre
 Patterdale Flood Group
 Resilience Advice
 Planning Applications
 Cumbria Police
 Cumbria County Council

Updated Bus & Train Timetables

See our Timetables page for new bus and rail timetables.

Government Awards Eden
Affordable Housing Boost

Eden District Council has been awarded £938,640 from the government’s Community Housing Fund. The money granted from this Fund aims to create more housing in areas where the impact of second homes is particularly acute and housing prices outstrip local household incomes. Click here to read more on our Affordable Housing page.
Power Cut Helpline
Dial 105

There is a new free national helpline to ring to report a power cut or receive reassurance during a blackout. In Cumbria, dialling 105 will put you in touch with Electricity North West, which is the company that manages the cables,power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in Cumbria.

Radio Cumbria Now Available via Freeview

Radio Cumbria is now available via Freeview on Channel 721 - handy for updates on weather, schools and roads, especially in the winter months. If you are in a Freeview reception area (not all of us are!),well worth considering retuning your TV to pick up the new channel. (Thanks to Michelle Edgar for this tip.)

 Flood Action Plans Published

The Environment Agency has published a Flood Action Plan for Cumbria - "Reducing Flood Risk from Source to Sea" -  (click here) and separately a Glenridding Community Action Table (click here).The purpose of their Glenridding Community action table is to highlight the flood management that is currently in place and the specific actions that are happening or proposed within the Cumbria flood action plan for the Glenridding community.

Our own Patterdale Parish Community Flood Plan is published on our Patterdale Community Flood Group website (click here). 

Parish Email List

Our dale has a private email list which is used to provide information straight to your inbox about any topics of interest relating to the parish of Patterdale. Click here  to go to a news article on the council web site which provides more details and who to contact to be included. 

Don't forget also to write to us at patterdaletoday@gmail.com with details of forthcoming events so that we can include them in our "What's On" listing. 
Local Flood Recovery Updates

The Patterdale Parish Community Flood Group now has a dedicated website - click here to access the website and read about recovery/resilience plans for the parish.

The Parish Council website is posting day by day updates on flood recovery activity  in the parish, support available etc. Click here
 to access the Parish Council news page. 

Cumbria County Council
Flood Factsheet

Cumbria County Council have produced a  Flood Factsheet for Eden District . The Factsheet has regular updates on flood recovery, road and bridge closures, links to other info etc  - click here to access the Factsheet.

Want to Volunteer?

If you do, click here to go to our list of lots of volunteering opportunities.

Eden Recycling - Kerbside Bag & Box Scheme

Although there is an Eden-wide recycling scheme (click here for full information on the scheme), it is still beneficial to the community to make use of recycling centre in Glenridding.

The more people who use the recycling centre in Glenridding the more money the parish council earns to spend locally. If possible please encourage people to use the centre even with the box and bag scheme. Please remember there is no general rubbish facility in Glenridding.

 Tell us "What's On"  

We have expanded the coverage of our "What's On" section on the website. If you have items you would like added, email us at patterdaletoday@gmail.com

with details. Meanwhile, check out the listings in the What's On section