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The 2019 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 6th July. Here is a collection of photographs, taken by the support team at Kirkstone Top, of some of the walkers . 
(We have added captions from the hand-written notes given to us by the support team/photographers, so hope we have the names right - also the order of the names may not be correct. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)
John & Ken Coulson

Will & Jonathon Holdsworth

Sandra Bailey, Julie, Jackson & Quin

Philip Brown, Jayney Shaw, Angela Roe, Peter Sturgess, James Atkinson, Helen Reeve, Wendy Cutting, Clifford Ball, Jane Davies, Morris Rodham
Clare, Joshua & Andrew Darby

Barbara & Andrew Gamon, Mary Theobald

Ann Burrell & Maddy Teasdale (Recorders) 

John Vernon

Simon Bowen, Christopher Opaye 
& Stuart Beardwell
Alex, Anna & Hamish Woodhouse, Jessie Meikle, Barnaby Gordon & Nia Dokora
Luke Jermyn & Harry Hunter

Chris Silk & Anthony Collier

Stephen Gorton, Hilary Fell & John Hathaway

Glen Ridge, Mike Blakey, Andrew & Danny McAlea, John Evans, Chris Longrigg, Mike Rippon, Chris Graskarth, Susie Wilson
Stephen & Bronwyn Kerr

Liam Sanderson, Iona & Jake Smith

Mike Town, Leslie Stewart, Alison Clunie
& Jane Whitmore
Jamie, Janet, Jacob & J.M. Spalding

Kirsty, Jessica, Oliver & Colin Wright

Tim & Anne Clark

Del Kelso, Margaret Boothroyd & Joan Wear
Mountain Rescue Supporters

Helen & Esther Curry, Angela Brunskill

Bernard & Veronica Bell

Clare Nurse, James Shepherd & Sean Thompson

Steve & Denny Tomkin

??, Clare Nurse, ?? & ??

Lola Haines, Robyn Higgins & Mel Walters