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The 2017 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 1st July. Here is a collection of the photographs taken of some walkers by the support team at Kirkstone Top. 
(We have added captions from the hand-written notes given to us by the support team/photographers, so hope we have the names right. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)
Mary Theobald
Ian & Christine Davies
Ruth & Peter Yates
Sandra Bailey; Lewis Burdon; Kirsty, Oliver & Jess Wright; Brian & Jan King; Ian & Betty Miller
Kirkstone Car Park -Registration and Checkpoint
Tom & Laura Iredale
David Rust,
 Anthony Collier & 
John Burns
Alfie, Harry & Lucy Stockdale
Andrew Darby
         Anna Scrivens, Iona Smith, Andrew Nurse, Liam Sanderson, Roan Ennion
Walkers taking a break

       Nigel Smith, Simon Kirby, Brendan Johnston, Ian Seel, Andy Nicol
Simon Mead, Hannah Homer, Scott & Jane Orchard, Cariad Wright, Julian Gosling, Tom Homer, Paul Barlow, Richard & Corrie Ricardo
Nicholas & 
Philip Brown
Paul Turner & Ruth Walker
Fra & Judy Cooke; Maddy, Sam & Ben
Helpers: Margaret Boothroyd, Joan Wear, Dee Kelso (Provisions), Rob Batten (Logistics).
Helpers: Ian Griggs, Ann Burrell & Pat Johnson
John Melling
Matthew & Simon Theobald
Bernard & Veronica Bell
John Hathway, Hilary Fell & Stephen Gorton
Trina Collins & Claire Darby

      David Albon, Sue Oxley, Carmen & Heather Thomas Smith, Graham Brooks
       Clare Grey, Louise Richardson, Kate Kerr, Suzanne Brown