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The 2012 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 7th July. Here is a collection of photographs taken by the support team at Kirkstone Top (Pat and David Johnson, Ann Burrell, Joan Wear, Margaret Boothroyd, Ian and Pat Griggs)
(We hope we have the names right. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)
Mike Town, Mark Harris and Peter Faulder
Brian and Heather Davis
Janet and Paul Durbin, Sue Blackburn
and Caroline Turner 
Diane, Thomas and Billy Wear. Amy Douglas
and Regan Smith
Claire, Jemma and Ella Litzke 
Peter Bradfield, Ann Swann, Fra and Judy Cooke
Neil and Judith Sullivan.
Rachel, James, Kitty and Martha Palmer
Ian Thomas and Jonathan Brett Young.
(Stephen Gorton)
Julien Barber, Aidan Raftery, Nigel Leeson
Edward Evans
 Sean and Stephen Duffy, Glen Bridges,
Florence Bourke
Giles and Roy Cox, Dan Wise, Andrew Stimson
David Albon, Sue Oxley, Tim Ward
and Lesley Postlethwaite
Andrew Nurse, Luke and John Fassum
Andy Howard, John Jenkins, Simon McManus
and Graham Banks
Chris, Helen and Adrian Lawrence,
Mike Pitchford and Rob Shephard
Stella Wood and Richard Painter
Barnaby Gorton
Heiko Litzke, Haus Marten, Olaf Robens,
Dirk Steinmeyer, Bernard Schrader,
Richard Mason and Helen Griffith
Bill White, Rachel White and Gordon Langdon
Martin Butcher, Robin Lightfoot, Philip Brown
and Peter Butcher
 Mandy, Niamh and Molly Scrivens. Rachel Moseley
 Adrian and June Wake
 Sarah, Theo and Lara Bennet.
Eric, Rebecca, Louis, Finn and Arthur Russell
 Anthea Kaan, Pat Dyson,
Brian and Jan King, Ian Richie
 Jenny Shackleton and Stephen Gorton
Victoria and Raven Alan.
David Lewis and Louis Sanderson 
Andrew, Maddie, Isaac and Grace Laing. Hilary Griggs
 Anthony Collier and David Rust
Heather Rhodes, Andrew Darby and Jenny Shackleton
John and Anna Hall
Stephen Crossley, Neil Byrne and Tony McDonnell
Enya and Jason Elwood
Alex Woodhouse, Enya and Jason Elwood
and Alasdair Manson
Mark Hook, Graham Banks and Simon McManus 
Patricia Webb and Ashley Gillan
Kashi, Steve, Julia and Emily Gorton, Imogen Harris
Mike, Michele, Grace, Dominic and Tyrone Castle. Geoff, Freda, Arun and Katya Southfield. Emma and Jane Shephard. Janet and Morton Spalding. Nikea Pollock.