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Roll of Honour

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The Roll of Honour is hung just inside the entrance to the Glenridding Public Hall. We do not know who made it or when it was installed.

We have begun to research and write short biographies for those named.
It has 103 names on it and those who died have a small cross against their name. The list shown below is an exact transcription of the memorial. However, we have discovered a number of omissions and many mistakes on the memorial (such as incorrect rank or regiment, spelling etc), those identified are explained either in the footnotes to this page or are corrected in their biography.

If any reader has any details, stories or photographs, please let us know.

Capt. Dawson Bowman  R.F.A. 
Lt. Edward T Borlase  R.G.A. 
Capt. Alex S Lancaster  1st London Regt.
Sergt. Edward H Place  Scottish Rifles
Sergt. Harrison Pattinson  R.E.
Pte. Miles Cooper  Border Regt.
Pte. John Bell  Border Regt.
Pte. John Watson  Border Regt.
Pte. Frank Brown  Border Regt. 
Pte. Joseph Boustead, Border Regt.
Pte. Thomas E Greenhow, Border Regt.
Pte. Albert Routledge MM  Border Regt.
Pte. David Brown  Border Regt.
Pte. Frank Boustead  Border Regt.
Pte. Alex Pearson  Border Regt.
Pte. George W Stout  Border Regt.
Pte. John H Roberts  D.L.I.
Pte. Stephen Stout  D.L.I.
Pte. William S Brown  D.L.I.
Pte. Robert C Brown  D.L.I.
Sergt. Albert Watson Rothery MC MM Fn1
Pte. John Graham  Princess Patricias Regt. 
Pte. Henry Stout  North. Fusiliers
Driver William Abbott A.S.C.
Driver Frederick Kirkland  A.S.C. 
Driver William Hodgson R.F.A.
Trooper John E Lancaster West.&Cumb.Yeo.
Trooper Thomas Thomson West.&Cumb.Yeo.
Trooper Thomas H Wall  West.&Cumb.Yeo.
Pte. Harry Grenfell, North. Fusiliers
Sapper Eric Roberts, R.E.
Driver Joseph L Graham, A.S.C.
Driver John Routledge  A.S.C. 
Driver John Slee  R.F.A. 
Pte. Robert Slee  North. Fusiliers 
Seaman Harry Slee  R.N.
Pte. Thomas Lewthwaite  Border Regt.
Pte. Alfred Lewthwaite  Border Regt.
Pte. George Lewthwaite  Border Regt.
Pte. John W Hicks  Border Regt.
Pte. Henry W Thwaites  Winnipeg Rifles
Pte. John Blamire  Border Regt.
Pte. George R Cooper  Coldstream Guards 
Pte. Ernest Lake  Coldstream Guards
Pte. George Thompson  Coldstream Guards
Pte. John Pool  Border Regt.
Pte. William Graham  Canadians
Pte. Harold Oglethorp, A.S.C.
Pte. Richard Brown MM
Pte. Herbert Lake
Pte. William M Ham  Australians

A.B. Roy W Kilner  R.N.D.
Pte. Ben R Bell  51st R.Fusiliers
Pte. John W Shaw  6th Yorks.
Pte. Jos Dargue  N.F.
Lnc.Cp. Jos Kirkland  R.M.F.P.
Driver Albert Kirkland  A.S.C.
Pte. Edmund Thompson  Border Regt.
Pte. John E Hadwin  Border Regt.
Pte. Ernest Chugg  A.S.C.
Pte. Frank Nelson  R.F.C.
Driver Glenthorn J Pattinson  A.S.C.
Pte. Georg(sic) Harrison  Border Regt.
Pte. William Lake  Lanc. Fusiliers
Sapper Stanley Thwaite  R.E.
Pte. Amos M Walton  Border Regt.
Pte. Donald Marshall  A.& S.H.
Pte. John D Place  Canadians
Driver Ernest Kirkland  A.S.C.
Pte. Roger Jackson  Border Regt.
Pte. John Lancaster  H.A.C.
Driver Moffat Thompson  R.F.A.
Driver William Harker  Sher. Foresters
Gunner John Pattinson  R.F.A.
Pte. Moses Fisher  Australians
Pte. Ben Armstrong  Coldstream Gds.
Sapper Herbert Pattinson  R.E.
Pte. Joseph Greenhow  Border Regt.
Driver Newton Kirkup  R.F.A.
Pte. Frederick J Dewis  Border Regt.
Driver Thomas Hodgson  R.F.A.
Gunner John W Birket(sic)  R.F.A.
Pte. Richard Hayton  Border Regt.
Pte. George Readshaw  D.L.I.
Pte. Oliver Readshaw  D.L.I. Fn2
P.O. Ernest Plummer  R.N.
Pte. George Kirkup  Border Regt.
Gunner Henry Blamire  R.F.A.
Pte. James Roberts  York Regt.
Cadet Raymond Ham O.T.C.
Pte. Charles Flint  R.F.A.
Pte. Edwin Pearson  Border Regt.
Pte. Jas M Hawkrig(sic)  Border Regt.
Pte. Thomas Walton  2nd E. Lancs
Pte. Cecil R Thawaite(sic)
Pte. Arthur G Kilner  R.A.F.
Sec. A.M. Brownrigg Thompson  R.A.F.
Pte. John Bowman  R.A.F.
Pte. James Bowman  R.A.F.
Lnc.Cprl. Ernest Marr  American Army
Cpr. Leonard Marr  
Lnc.Cprl. Thomas Bellas  M.G.C.
Driver Lawrence Wilson  R.F.A.

Known omissions and mistakes:

It is curious why three names that are on the War Memorial are not included on the Roll of Honour.
    G R Bennett, the very first name on the War Memorial.
    Private John Wilkinson
    Private Cecil James Mason

Fn1 - Why Albert Rothery is described as a Sergeant and has a Cross next to his name is a mystery. He was 
commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in December 1917 (ie before he won the Military Cross which is shown by his name), he also survived the war and went on to have a successful career with the Shanghai Water Company, before returning to Carlisle where he died in 1952.

Fn2 - Private Oliver Readshaw should have a Cross next to his name. He was killed just a month after his brother George. Like many of the mining families, the Readshaw's had moved away to the North-East to work in the Coal Mines. So, unless a relative or a friend was still in contact with someone in Patterdale and knew about Oliver's death, there is no way that the Memorial Committee would have known.