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 Grave Location  Inscription Image
West R2M4 
In loving memory of Isaac Blamire died April 27th 1950, aged 76 years.
Also his beloved wife Elizabeth died July 10th 1961, aged 84 years.
West R1M2  In loving memory of a dear father and husband Edwin Charles Bloomfield,
died February 9th 1947, aged 58 years.
West R6M2 
Joyce and Charles ConnacherLift your eyes to the quiet hills. 
West R1M6  In loving memory Hannah Dawes who died Oct 19th 1947, aged 66 years. Also of
George William Dawes, husband of the above, who died Feb 18th 1953, aged 69 years.
 West R6M1 In happy memory of Dorothy M. Freeman 
 West R2M2 In loving memory of John Grisdale of Hartsop, who died Jan 1st 1883, aged 73 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died Dec 21st 1907, aged 77 years. Also of Isabella, their daughter and devoted wife of William Gibson, who died April 21st 1926, aged 56 years. Also in affectionate remembrance of John Hodgson adopted son of the above, who died Feb 23rd 1933, aged 32 years. "At Rest".
 West R1M7 John W Hicks died Oct 8th 1947, aged 56 years.
Also of his Nellie, died June 27th 1960, aged 67 years.
 West R3M3 [Part of this memorial for Dorothy Jackson is missing] 
Who died at Patterdale 9 June 1894, aged 60 years.
 West R2M7 In loving memory of Bert Jones who died Sept 4th 1944, aged 55 years. 
Also Annie his wife who died April 25th 1955, aged 66 years. At Rest.
 West R4M2 In loving memory of William Kilner of Patterdale who died Aug 19th 1891, aged 72 years.
Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above, who died at Lancaster, June 8th 1903, in her 75th year.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. 
 West R2M5 In loving memory of James Kirkup who died March 21st 1944.
Also of Hannah his wife, who died Feb 5th 1945 
West R3M1  "Thy Will be Done"
In memory of William Holme Martindale, of Hayesdale Lodge, Hartsop, who died February 25th
1919, aged 85 years.
Also of his sister Mary Ann Martindale, of Brotherswater House, Hartsop, who died March 12th 1884, aged 47 years.
Also of Richard Martindale, brother of the above, who died February 24th 1895, aged 60 years. Interred at St Stephen's Cemetery, South Saanich, Victoria, B.C.
West R2M1  In loving memory of Elizabeth Metcalfe, died July 31st 1931, aged 85 years. At Rest.
West R4M1  Sacred to the memory of John Millican of Glenridding, Patterdale, who died March 20th 1888, aged 73 years. Also of Ann his wife, who died April 20th 1896, aged 76 years. Also of Sarah, their daughter, who died January 16th 1865, aged 9 years. Also of Paul, their son, who died at Dalton-in-Furness, March 26th 1880, aged 28 years. 
 West R4M3 In loving memory of John Oglethorpe, agent at the Greenside Mines, who died 31st August 1889, aged 64 years. Also of Anna his wife, who died 2nd June 1898, aged 68 years. 
West R5M1  In loving memory of, Jim Overs 1916-1995, Edith Overs 1916 - 2003.
 West R2M8 In memory of John Pattinson of Glenridding, died 4 Feb 1945, aged 80 years.
And of Sarah his wife, died 26 Dec 1945, aged 69 years.
 West R1M8 In loving memory of Cicely, beloved wife of Thomas Pears, who died May 4th 1951, aged 54 years,
Thomas Pears, who died March 27th 1965, aged 77 years. 
 West R3M2 In memory of Edward Peel of Patterdale, who died May 19th 1888, aged 66 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died March 6th 1901, aged 62 years. Also of Elizabeth, their daughter, who died January 3rd 1892, aged 23 years. Also of Ann Peel, their daughter, who died April 6th 1951, aged 86 years. "Peace Perfect Peace"
 West R5M2
In loving memory of John ??????????? agent ??????????????? who ?????????????? ?????????????? 
?????????????? ?????????????? ??????????????
Note: The family name for this grave is Place
 West R1M4 In affectionate remembrance Beatrice Maud Powell, who died at Mossdale, April 15th 1951, after 35 years faithful service. "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth" 
West R1M5 In loving memory of Matthew, beloved husband of Mary Agnes Routledge, who died Dec 26th 1949, aged 63 years. Also of the above Mary Agnes Routledge, who died 4th August 1972, aged 82 years. "At Rest"
 West R1M1 In loving memory of Vera Sewell of Great Close, who died May 14th 1952.
 West R2M3 In loving memory of Tom, the beloved husband of Mary Margaret Taylor of Bridge House, who died March 21st 1942, aged 44 years.
 West R1M3 In loving memory of Frederick Tod, who died Oct 1st 1947, aged 53 years. 
West R4M4  In loving memory of Isabella, wife of John Vipond, who died at Glenridding, April 26th 1893, aged 40 years. Also of the above John Vipond, who died June 17th 1928, aged 73 years.
West R2M6 In loving memory of Ann Tuer Wall, widow of Henry Wall, who died July 12th 1950, aged 80 years.