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Welcome to PatterdaleTODAY with over 120 pages of information, events, news, history and more.

Latest Progress Update

Good news - BT have told us that the supply cabinet outside the Mountain Rescue Centre has now been fully commissioned. This means that very shortly superfast broadband will be available in parts of Patterdale parish. Click here to go to our Broadband page for more detailed information.

Glenridding Health Centre: Latest News

Cumbria Healthcare On Call (CHOC) has agreed to take on responsibility for the contract and provide GP services to the patients of Glenridding Health Centre for a temporary period from 07 October 2015 until 30 April 2016.  

Patterdale Parish Boundary Walk 2015 Photographs

The 2015 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 4th July. Despite appalling weather at the start, around 108 people took part this year. As in previous years, we have created a gallery of photographs that were taken by the support teams at Glencoyne and Kirkstone Top.
Click Here to view.

Explore Penrith

Click here to visit a new website to help you explore Penrith's sights, history and shops.

See More of Cumbria & The Lake District

Click here to read about a new project promoting sustainable travel into Cumbria and the Lake District.

St Patrick's
Musical Events

Forthcoming 2015 musical events at St Patrick's Church are now listed in our "What's On" section.

Free Draughtproofing
for Eden Residents

Local charity "Cumbria Action for Sustainability" (CAfS) is offering to supply and fit free draughtproofing to qualifying Eden residents. You may qualify under three criteria - over 60 years old and on a low income, under 60 and in receipt of a means tested benefit, or a member of the household has a disability or long term health issue. To learn more ring CAfS on 01768 861 463, or click here to visit their website.

Cumbria Patient Feedback
Website Launched

You can now give online feedback on your experience of any NHS service in Cumbria and read reviews posted by others. Click here to visit the website, which has the full support of all health providers in Cumbria.

Local History Section

We continue to add new items to the popular Local History section of this website. We also believe that we have found the mystery G R Bennett on the War Memorial.

The large collection of transcriptions that Chris Darvill has made over the years, such as the Parish Registers, Directories and Census Records, will be of interest to Family Historians. All of the graveyard memorials have now been transcribed and photographed by Chris.

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service - Home Fire Risk Self Assessment

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service have launched an online self-assessment survey enabling residents in Cumbria to gauge their risk of falling victim to fire in the home. Click here to access the online assessment.

Water Management 
National Trust Update

John Pring, National Trust Lead Ranger, Central & East Lakes, has provided an update , with photos, on recent water management activity - click here to go to our Water Management page and read his update.

Prince of Wales Visit

Did you know that a Prince of Wales spent two nights in Patterdale? 
Click Here for more details.

West Bank (Israel)
Slides and Talk Nov 27th

Bishop Ian Griggs’ younger brother has recently been on a visit to the West Bank (Israel). Mainly on the Palestinian side of “the wall”. He will be showing some slides and, with his wife Gill, will be talking about their visit on Friday evening, November 27th. in the Church Meeting Room at St.Patricks, at 6 p.m.

If you would like to come – no charge of course – please contact Bishop Ian on 017684 82064 or Email ian.griggs@virgin.net. As soon as possible. 

508 Bus
Winter Timetable

The 508 bus service between Patterdale and Penrith will be operating to the new winter timetable from Monday, November 2nd - click here to see the new timetable.
Glenridding Fibre Broadband
"Go Live" Date Latest

We have some updated information on the Glenridding "go live" date and how to check your available speeds at any time.Click here to go to our Broadband page for details.

Big Breakfast
Raised £715!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported the BIG BREAKFAST on Sunday, 13 September and came for breakfast and a chat.  The breakfasts raised £715.00 for Village Hall funds.

Thanks are also due to Anne Gibson and her team:Helen, Heather and Betty who did the cooking; Kate, Clare and Margaret who did the serving and clearing of tables; and to Ann, Joan and Margaret who welcomed everyone and sold raffle tickets.  Thank you's also go to Cocklakes for providing the bacon; Fraser Soutar for the sausage; and Helen Beaty for the bread.

Public Access Defibrillators
now in
Glenridding and Hartsop

Thanks to generous grants and support from Patterdale Parish Council and the LDNPA Communities Fund, Glenridding First Responders have been able to organise and install two Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs); one outside the Glenridding Information Centre and the other outside the Langton Adventure Centre in Hartsop. There are already CPAD's in Pooley Bridge, Watermillock, Matterdale and Dockray. The cabinets were fitted by the Park Authority’s maintenance team and by local tradesmen Richard and Graham Kelso.

Local First Responder team leader Paul Neate said ‘Many victims can be saved if people recognise what has happened, call an ambulance without delay, then perform basic CPR and use a Defibrillator to try and restore the heart’s normal rhythm'.

Whilst the Defibrillators are in locked cabinets they are there for anyone to use in an emergency. The access code will be provided by the 999 operator when an ambulance is called. Every second counts in a cardiac arrest and the sooner a Defibrillator is used the greater the chances of survival. It can take an ambulance 25 to 30 minutes to reach a rural area like ours, local First Responders carrying Defibrillators can generally be on the scene within 5 to 6 minutes.

Anyone interested in learning more about the use this equipment, please contact Paul Neate (Glenridding First Responders Team Leader) who will arrange a demonstration.

Aira Force Pier
Now Open

Ullswater Steamers have started a service from Glenridding to Aira Force. Click here to go to the Ullswater Steamers website for full timetable details.

Old Maps of the Area

We have recently added some links, in the Local History section of the site, to zoom-able images of several old 
6 inch Ordnance Survey maps of the dale. They cover the years 1859, 1900 and 1913. Click here - they are fascinating to look at. Also, another biography has been completed, that of Joseph Lowe the photographer who lived at Deepdale Bridge.

Whose Boots & Where?

Click here & then scroll down to get the bigger picture.

Cumbria Rural Women's
Growth Network

This is a support network for women in business or those who are thinking of setting up a business - click here to go to their website.

Parish Email 
Communications Group

The parish now has an email communications group which is used to provide information straight to your inbox about any topics of interest relating to the parish of Patterdale. The email list is held by the Parish Council and also by John Gay. Click here to go to the Parish Council website and learn more about the communications group, how to join and how to get information on activities, events etc circulated to the group.

Don't forget also to write to us at patterdaletoday@gmail.com with details of forthcoming events so that we can include them in our "What's On" listing. 

 Patterdale Parish Community Profile

ACT (ACTion with Communities in Cumbria) has produced  individual Parish community profiles based largely on data from the 2011 Census. Click here to see the Patterdale  profile.

Hayeswater Gill
Proposed Hydro Scheme

The National Trust  planning application to the Lake District National Park Authority for a hydrogeneration scheme at Hayeswater Gill, above Hartsop, was approved in February 2015. The proposed scheme would provide power equivalent to the electricity consumption of up to 212 homes. To learn more, click here to log on to the Lake District National Park Planning search facility and enter the reference 7/2014/3146.

EdenSave Credit Union

A credit union for the Eden district has opened in the Devonshire Arcade in Penrith. EdenSave Credit Union is a not-for-profit community organisation owned by its members. Click here to go to their website and learn how to join and get details of the saving & borrowing opportunities on offer.

Local Entertainment

To check out what's on at our local cinemas and theatres, click above to access the Links Page.

New Penrith Website

A new website has been launched to promote Penrith . The website is an initiative from the Penrith BID (Business Improvement District) project - click here to visit the new website.

Zip Wire Archive

We have preserved our coverage of the Glenridding zipwire saga on its own archive page - click here to access.

  Community Links
 Patterdale Parish Council
 Patterdale School
 Glenridding Health Centre
 Community Development Centre
 Kirkstone Pass Webcam

Parish Council
Highways Update

Dennis Henderson, our Parish Councillor with responsibility for Highways issues, has posted a news article on the Parish Council website, giving updates on various highways issues - click here to go to the article.

Kirkstone Webcam

The Kirkstone webcam has been out of service for the last few months, and many would like to see it back in service before the winter. Dennis Henderson reported at the Parish Council meeting on September 22nd that he had been in touch with Cumbria Highways and also with the firm that maintains webcams in Cumbria. The Kirkstone webcam had been vandalised, spare parts had been ordered, and it was hoped to have it back in service in the next 30 days. Update Nov 20th - yet to be fixed!

"Connecting Cumbria"
Broadband Roll-Out Map

The Connecting Cumbria project have now published a detailed broadband deployment map, indicating which localities/streets are likely to be able to access superfast broadband under Phase 1 of the project. Click here to go to the Connecting Cumbria website, then click on "Deployment Map" and zoom in where you want.
"The Mortal Man"
Poetry Collection

Is this a first? The Travellers Rest features in a poem, "Ambleside to Glenridding", included in The Mortal Man, a newly published collection of poems by Kieron Winn. The collection includes other poems with local connections - "Over High Street to Patterdale" and a sequence entitled  "Mardale" - and is on sale at Ullswater Steamers and Patterdale Post Office.
"The Faces of Ullswater"
Online Video

Matt Sharman has created a short film featuring a number of local residents whose portraits were  in the recent exhibition at Dalemain, including Rosie Lightfoot (below)  - click here to view the video.

Want to Volunteer?

If you do, click here to go to our list of lots of volunteering opportunities.

Who Knows where this Photo was Taken?

Benny and Mary Bell recently allowed us to copy a selection of old postcards and photographs they had collected over the years. Amongst the postcards was one entitled 'Otter Hunt at Patterdale' that was taken before 1918. Benny, who knows where it was taken, challenges readers to identify the location. If you think you know, tell us using the Local History Discussion PageWe have added many of the photos to the collections in the Local History section, where you can also see a larger version in the Joseph Lowe collection.

Botany Lesson for Voters

This year's General Election inspired Tim Cook of Patterdale to pen this amusing and topical poem.

Election time, and Honesty’s in flower 
Nature’s little joke. 
We know that all those rivals want is power 
over us ordinary folk. 
The hope-apples they tempt us with soon
prove sour, 
and if we swallow bits we‘ll choke. 

Yet call it by its Latin name, lunaria, 
and that’s much nearer to being true. 
Its seed-pod moons are there to make us warier 
of that self-serving crew. 
The more, moon-mad, we trust them, the scarier 
the things they feel free to do. 

But there’s no need for us to call in scholars 
for erudite interpretation. 
Look how those round seed-discs, with
silvery colours 
image the obvious interpretation: 
when Honesty flowers wither you get dollars — 
revealing their true motivation. 

© Tim Cook 2015

Broadband Champions
Now we are Five!

Lucy Metcalf from Sykeside has joined Liz Clark, Norman Jackson, Veronica McGloin and Fra Cooke as a fifth Patterdale Broadband Champion.

More local "Champions" welcome
Our local Broadband "Champions" want to do more over the coming months to ensure our community gains maximum benefit from the Connecting Cumbria Broadband project - if you 'd like to join us, do get in touch & email the editors at patterdaletoday@gmail.com

Eden Recycling - Kerbside Bag & Box Scheme

Although there is an Eden-wide recycling scheme (click here for full information on the scheme), it is still beneficial to the community to make use of recycling centre in Glenridding.

The more people who use the recycling centre in Glenridding the more money the parish council earns to spend locally. If possible please encourage people to use the centre even with the box and bag scheme. Please remember there is no general rubbish facility in Glenridding.

 Then and Now Pictures

A few years ago, we were delighted to receive, from two readers, quite a selection of Joseph Lowe photographs showing how the dale looked around a hundred years ago. These images have been added to our Then and Now gallery alongside a photograph of the same scene today. If you can help to date any of the pictures or suggest any narrative for them, please e-mail the editors.

Click the Button !!

Help us to help you get Better Broadband

Some 90 people in the parish have already carried out this test of their broadband speed, so a big thankyou to them. However, this probably only represents about a third of the internet users. From the Results we have received so far, it is clear that many people are getting speeds significantly less than they should be, so we have produced a Help Page with things you could try to improve your speed. 

In Nov 2014, OFCOM reported that the national average speed was now 22.8Mbps - our exchange cannot even deliver much over 7Mbps and our average is around 4.7Mbps.  Help us to get more measurements by asking friends and neighbours to click on the 'Red Button' above, where they can easily measure their broadband speed and let us know the result. We don't mind how many times you run the test.

 Tell us "What's On"  

We have expanded the coverage of our "What's On" section on the website. If you have items you would like added, email us at patterdaletoday@gmail.com

with details. Meanwhile, check out the listings in the What's On section 

Ullswater Valley Plan

Ullswater Valley Planning is a Lake District National Park Partnership initiative. The Ullswater Valley Plan has now been published. If you would like to learn more about the project and download the  Ullswater Valley Plan, click here.

 "Doctor First"
Glenridding Health Centre

The Health Centre have launched a "Doctor First" campaign, to encourage patients to call a doctor rather than go immediately to Accident & Emergency with minor injuries or less severe injuries. Click here to get the full advice on 24 hour options and phone numbers.
Microchip your Dog 
Free Service
Eden District Council are now offering to microchip dogs for Eden residents for free. Click here to learn more.

New Police Non-Emergency Number Launched - 101

Cumbria Police have launched a new number - 101 - for reporting all non emergency issues to the police. For more details, click here.

Police Support Volunteers Scheme

Cumbria Constabulary have launched a scheme that calls for volunteers from the local community to carry out brand new roles that will support policing across the county. Click here to learn more.