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    Patterdale Dog Day
    Saturday August 23rd

    Patterdale Dog Day takes place on Saturday August 23rd with all the usual attractions on King George V Playing Field, Patterdale. See our "What's On" listing for full details of events and timetable.
    Local History Section

    We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Local History section to this website. As we commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WW1, the War Memorial page should be of particular interest.

    We have also begun adding the large number of transcriptions that Chris Darvill has made over the years, such as the Parish Registers, Directories and Census Records, all of which will be of interest to Family Historians.

    Penrith Residents Vote for Town Council

    Penrith residents have voted 2:1 in favour of a Town Council for Penrith. Click here to see the full results of the ballot .

    Ullswater Valley Plan

    Ullswater Valley Planning is a Lake District National Park Partnership initiative. The Ullswater Valley Plan has now been published. If you would like to learn more about the project and download the  Ullswater Valley Plan, click here.

    New 508 Bus Timetable
    There is a new 508 bus timetable in operation, with extended school holiday and summer weekend service to Windermere. Click here to see the new timetable.

    Induction of New Minister 

    Revd  Terry Wilcock was successfully inducted as Vicar of St Patrick's by the Bishop of Penrith on Sunday February 23rd at St Patrick's Church.

    Free Chimney Balloons and Draught Proof Letterboxes for Patterdale Parish Residents
    We have been contacted by Opt 4 Community Energy who are offering free draught-proofing items to residents in our Parish.This is part of a grant-funded scheme for Eden Lakes parishes that is soon coming to an end. Click here to visit the Opt 4 Community Energy website to learn more.

     "Doctor First"
    Glenridding Health Centre

    The Health Centre have launched a "Doctor First" campaign, to encourage patients to call a doctor rather than go immediately to Accident & Emergency with minor injuries or less severe injuries. Click here to get the full advice on 24 hour options and phone numbers.

    New Patterdale Parish Community Profile

    ACT (ACTion with Communities in Cumbria) has made available a new set of Parish community profiles based largely on  data from the 2011 Census. Click here to see the Patterdale Parish profile.

    Microchip your Dog 
    Free Service
    Eden District Council are now offering to microchip dogs for Eden residents for free. Click here to learn more.

    Police Support Volunteers Scheme

    Cumbria Constabulary have launched a scheme that calls for volunteers from the local community to carry out brand new roles that will support policing across the county.
    Click here to learn more .

    Stunning view from the path to Boredale Hause - Jun 2006 Photo by Norman Jackson

    Thank you
    Caroline and Barry
    Mystery Samaritans

    PatterdaleTODAY received the following message from Claire Murdoch in London on Friday the 8th of August.

    "My 17 year old son and friends have just enjoyed a fabulous week camping in Glenridding. He is on a train back down to London as I type. This morning he and his friend had run out of money, needed to get a bus to Penrith to get the train home and apparently two perfect strangers....and I do mean perfect....saw their plight and stopped and gave them £10. My son asked for their address so that he could return it but they would hear no such thing. They may be locals and I just wanted to say thank you. Letting our son camp with friends is partly about helping him learn to be independent but this has reminded me that even more wonderful lessons about the generosity of others, are available."

    WW1 Centenary Events  

    Centenary Exhibitions

    There is a display in St Patrick's Church, Patterdale with information from the Patterdale School WW1 Project. There is also a display in the entrance area of the Public Hall.

    War Memorial Profiles

    Sixteen individual profiles of those remembered on the Patterdale War Memorial have been produced by Norman Jackson and Rob Shephard, and can be accessed via the War Memorial page in our Local History section - click here to see one of the profiles.

    Prince of Wales Visit

    Did you know that a Prince of Wales spent two nights in Patterdale?
    Click Here for more details.

    Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service - Home Fire Risk Self Assessment

    Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service have launched an online self-assessment survey enabling residents in Cumbria to gauge their risk of falling victim to fire in the home. Click here to access the online assessment.

    New Penrith Website

    A new website has been launched to promote Penrith . The website is an initiative from the Penrith BID (Business Improvement District) project - click here to visit the new website.

    EdenSave Credit Union

    A credit union for the Eden district has opened in the Devonshire Arcade in Penrith. EdenSave Credit Union is a not-for-profit community organisation owned by its members. Click here to go to their website and learn how to join and get details of the saving & borrowing opportunities on offer.

    New Police Non-Emergency Number Launched - 101

    Cumbria Police have launched a new number - 101 - for reporting all non emergency issues to the police. For more details, click here.

    Local Entertainment

    To check out what's on at our local cinemas and theatres, click above to access the Links Page.

      Community Links
     Patterdale Parish Council
     Patterdale School
     Glenridding Health Centre
     Community Development Centre

    "What's On" in August?

    Ten local events in August! Click here to go to our What's On listing, then click on any item to get more details of the listed event.

    Patterdale Parish -
    July 2014 Broadband Update 

    Click here to see the recently updated Patterdale Parish broadband progress report in our Broadband section.

    More local "Champions" welcome
    Our local Broadband "Champions" want to do more over the coming months to ensure our community gains maximum benefit from the Connecting Cumbria Broadband project - if you 'd like to join us, do get in touch & email the editors at patterdaletoday@gmail.com

    Want to Volunteer?

    If you do, click here to go to our list of volunteering opportunities.

    Eden Recycling - Kerbside Bag & Box Scheme

    The Eden-wide recycling scheme started last July - click here for full information on the scheme.

    However, the more people who use the recycling centre in Glenridding the more money the parish council earns to spend locally. If possible please encourage people to use the centre even with the box and bag scheme. Please remember there is no general rubbish facility in Glenridding.

    Hazard at Hartsop 
    Road End

    Thanks to Ann Burrell and Liz Clarke for the amazing picture.

     Then and Now Pictures

    Last year, we were delighted to receive, from two readers, quite a selection of Joseph Lowe photographs showing how the dale looked around a hundred years ago. These images have been added to our Then and Now gallery alongside a photograph of the same scene today. If you can help to date any of the pictures or suggest any narrative for them, please e-mail the editors.

    Click the Button !!

    Help us to help you get Better Broadband

    Some 80 people in the parish have already carried out this test of their broadband speed, so a big thankyou to them. However, this probably only represents about a third of the internet users. From the Results we have received so far, it is clear that many people are getting speeds significantly less than they should be, so we have produced a Help Page with things you could try to improve your speed. 

    In May 2013, OFCOM reported that the national average speed was now 14.7Mbps - our exchange cannot even deliver much over 7Mbps and our average is around 4.7Mbps.  Help us to get more measurements by asking friends and neighbours to click on the button to easily measure their broadband speed and let us know the result. We don't mind how many times you run the test.

     Tell us "What's On"  

    We have expanded the coverage of our "What's On" section on the website. If you have items you would like added, email us at  patterdaletoday@gmail.com with details. Meanwhile, check out the listings in the What's On section