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There is an Eden-wide bag and box recycling scheme in operation - click here for full information about the scheme.

The main recycling area for glass, paper and cans is in Glenridding at the far end of the main car park. Proceeds from that site go to the parish council (approx £500 - £700 a year) for use on local projects. So please use this facility as much as possible. Glenridding is now in the top 25% of Eden parishes in terms of tonnes recycled.

A Plastic Recycling Unit has now been placed on the usual Recycling Site at the upper end of the Glenridding car park. Please spread the word and also note that it is for plastic bags, bottles etc., but not for cartons

Patterdale school also has recycling facilities for paper and inkjet cartridges.

There are also recycling stations in Penrith in the car parks at B&Q and Morrisons.

The nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre is at Flusco near Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0JB.

tel: 01768 480691

Usual Opening hours: 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week

A Green Skip for garden waste will be placed in the LDNPA Car Park, Glenridding periodically

Refuse Collections (Blue Sacks)

District Council provides a maximum of two blue refuse sacks per household, per week for the collection of Household refuse. Large households of six or more occupants are entitled to one additional blue sack per week. Households where additional waste is generated by a medical condition may also be supplied with additional blue sacks.

Your blue sacks should preferably be set out early on the day of collection. However, if you have to put them out the night before please take steps to prevent Badgers or Foxes tearing them open during the night. Blue sacks should be set out at the boundary of the property on the kerbside and visible from the roadside.

Households setting out two sacks will receive two replacements sacks, whereas households setting out only one will receive one in return. Should no sacks be set out no replacements will be provided. Only refuse set out in the official blue sacks will be collected.

Items too large to place in a blue sack may be removed at a charge and will be collected as part of the bulky household waste service. Please do not use blue sacks for the disposal of clinical waste, garden rubbish, rubble, building waste, bricks, concrete, vehicle batteries or cans of paint or oil.

Additional blue sacks may be purchased from either the Mansion House or the Town Hall in Penrith.

For further information on blue sacks:

For advice on Recycling and Waste Minimisation:

  • Contact: Recycling and Environment Officers at Mansion House, Penrith

  • Telephone: (01768) 212343 / 212329

  • Fax: (01768) 890732

Bagging a Future for Farm Plastic

There is a long running farm plastic offensive - which has seen thousands of tonnes of waste recycled. On a certain date each year, the Lake District National Park’s depot at Troutbeck, off the A66 near Ullswater, hosts a plastic drop-off day when the area’s farmers can deliver bags large and small, ranging from big bale silage wraps to feed and mineral block sacks.

The waste - will re-emerge as benches, fences, boardwalk and even bin liners - is expected to be a record high. It’s illegal to burn or bury this waste and recycling helps achieve good farm practice certificates. Farmers are very pleased to make use of our annual collection. And it’s great to see the recycled wood substitute products come back into the Lake District. The chances are the picnic table you are using, or boardwalk you’re hiking over will have started life as a plastic bag.

Without initiatives like this, farm plastic would lie around forever. It’s certainly not designed to rot. It would end up hanging in trees, blocking up water courses, harming wildlife and being a complete eye sore.

All the farm plastic is taken to Solway Recycling in Dumfries. Anyone wanting more information should contact Val Edmondson on 07901 513127 or email