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The chart below shows the monthly local rainfall totals measured by the late Rt. Rev. Ian Griggs and now by Paul Neate

People often say that the weather was much better in the 'old days', well perhaps it was, a little. The chart below show the annual rainfall figures recorded by Rev. W P Morris in Patterdale between 1879 and 1903 (average 2124mm ), also some of the wettest and driest years measured at Patterdale Hall that were mentioned by Miss Elizabeth Little in her 'Chronicles of Patterdale' published in 1961. When compared with the past couple of decades (average 2539mm), there is a slight trend upwards. It would be interesting to see more data for the missing years. If anyone has monthly or annual totals for other years and would like to share them, we'd be happy to include them on this page (with full acknowledgement of course).