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Surrounded by mountains, Patterdale get's more than it's fair share of rain (almost double that of Penrith just 12 miles away). As can be seen from the rainfall records, it is 'normal' for us to get 2.5m to 3.0m of rain a year (that's almost 10ft). However, in recent years we have had some exceptional and sustained downpours in a short period. For example, in January 2009, almost 150mm (6") fell in 36 hours and fell onto ground that was frozen solid after 10 days of sub-zero temperatures. The water ran straight off the fells and overwhelmed the gills and becks, causing flooding. Then again in November 2009, the torrential rain that fell on Cumbria caused severe flooding in this valley. In December 2015 the floods came once more, with 'Storm Desmond' worse than any in living memory.

November 2009

Here are some of the amazing pictures and a video taken during the 2009 flooding.

Hartsop Road End - Photo by Sarah Brockbank

Ullswater Steamers Pier House - Photo by Paul Neate

A Tractor was the best way of getting around - Photo by Paul Neate

The Menetting Bridge over the Goldrill near Beckstones - Photo by the Smiths

Glenridding Bridge - Photo by Paul Neate

The Beck in Flood below Glenridding Bridge - Photo by Paul Neate

Glenridding Beck in full flow - Photo by Paul Neate

Ullswater Steamers Car Park - Photo by Paul Neate

Goldrill Beck - View Upstream from Goldrill Bridge - Photo by Neil Sullivan

Goldrill Beck in Flood near Patterdale School - Photo by Neil Sullivan

Looking down Goldrill Beck towards Ullswater - Photo by Neil Sullivan

The Road from Glenridding to Patterdale - Photo by Paul Neate

The Road from Glenridding to Glencoyne - Photo by Paul Neate

Video taken by Pat McGloin

December 2015 (Storm Desmond)

Major blockage behind Tourist Information Office diverts Glenridding Beck

Collapse of Pooley Bridge causes lake level to rise over 2.7m above normal

Debris on the main road at Glenridding Bridge

Debris jammed under Glenridding Bridge

Road damage near Grisedale Bridge

Main road blocked by debris near to the War Memorial

Fallen tree in St Patrick's Churchyard

Floodwater and road damage at Goldrill Bridge

Landslides on Place Fell

Debris from landslides block the Rookings track to Side Farm

Mud and rocks from landslides smash through fell gate