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Then and Now

St Patrick's Well - c1908

St Patrick's Well - c2010

Glenridding and the head of Ullswater - c1940

Glenridding and the head of Ullswater - 2008

St Patrick's Church and the Old Yew tree - c1883

An old postcard with this photograph of St Patrick's Church was found by Fra Cooke. The photograph must have been taken before 1883 because the ancient tree in the foreground is the venerable old Yew Tree which, despite a wall being built around the base to help preserve it, was blown down during a storm in 1883. The tree had great girth and was mentioned as a 'very fine old tree' at the time of the Norman Conquest!

St Patrick's Church - 2010

The remains of the base where the old Yew Tree once stood can still be seen. It is hoped that a replacement Yew can be planted at some time. Apart from the Yew Tree and the clock fitted to the tower, very little has changed in the past 127 years - even the 'unofficial' footpath is still there!

Patterdale Township - c1900

This wonderful picture shows the horse drawn coach (fully loaded) approaching the narrow section of road in front of the White Lion. The village water pump can be seen on the left.

Patterdale Township - 2010

The most visible change is the absence of the cottage that was demolished to widen the road (although it's still pretty narrow at this point). The water pump has long gone but the alcove it was in can still be seen.

Patterdale Township - c1900

Patterdale Township - 2010

Patterdale - c1930

Patterdale - 2010

Goldrill Bridge, looking towards Place Fell - c ??

It looks as though this picture was taken before Goldrill Cottage was built. There is even a glimpse of Broad How on the right.

Goldrill Bridge, looking towards Place Fell - 2010

Wow... how the trees have grown! The lattice railings on the bridge are still there.

Millcrest's Hotel, Glenridding - c1930
(Now the Glenridding Hotel)

Glenridding Hotel - 2010

Eagle Road, Glenridding - c1930
(Before the shops were built)

Eagle Road, Glenridding - 2010

Patterdale Hall Grounds - c1930

Patterdale Hall Grounds - 2010

Greenside Road, Glenridding - c ??

Greenside Road, Glenridding - 2010

Patterdale from across Goldrill Beck - c 1905

(Before the Post Office was built)

Patterdale from across Goldrill Beck - 2010

Old School House - c ??

Old School House - 2010

Glenridding from Glenridding Dodd - c ??

Glenridding - c1930

The small wooden cabin sold cigarettes, sweets, postcards etc. It belonged to the Pool family, who owned the Beech House Tea Shop and Guest House next door. Also on the right are Bridge House and the newly name Glenridding Hotel.

Glenridding - 2010

The cabin disappeared long ago - replaced with two flats. Beech House still offers B&B accomodation.

Mill Moss, Patterdale - c1910

The water in Mill Moss, situated behind the Patterdale Hotel, was controlled by a sluice gate. It was therefore quite shallow and perfect for ice-skating. Was there ever a mill in Patterdale?