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Ullswater Art Club

About Us

A group of local people who are interested in painting and drawing meets regularly on Tuesdays to do just that. Most of us are amateurs and a few have had professional training; others have acquired skills by attending specialist courses but we all aim to help each other.

During autumn and spring the meetings are held in the Glenridding Public Hall from 10.00am until 12.30pm. In summer we meet outdoors. Demonstrations are organised as part of the indoor programme and the year ends in August with an exhibition of members' work.


Contact the Art Club Hon Sec, Marian Parsons, on 01768482437, or alternatively email Marian at .

Pat Dyson is an alternative source of info about the Art Club - her number is 01768482418.

Painting in acryllics - a demonstration

Painting spring flowers at a March meeting in Glenridding Public Hall