Boundary Walk - 2018

The 2018 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 7th July. Here is a collection of the photographs taken of some walkers by the support team at Kirkstone Top.

(We have added captions from the hand-written notes given to us by the support team/photographers, so hope we have the names right. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)

Kirsty, Jessica and Oliver Wright

Emma, Rob & James Shephard; Janet, Mort, James and Jake Spalding; Pippa Barker

Eric, Rebecca, Louis, Finn & Arthur

Tim & Ann Clarke

Eric Draper, Patrick Bogon

Fra, Judy & Maddy Cooke; Tilly, Lucy, Sam & Ben Bradshaw

Andrew, Clare & Joshua Darby

Lucy, Harry & Alfie Stockdale; Railay Lywood

John Tracey, Mark Yellops, Stephen Cotter & ????

Helen & Esther Curry; Angela Brunskill

Helpers; Joan Wier, Del Kelso & Margaret Boothroyd

Nicky Sprowson & Hilary Barber

Liam Sanderson, Iona Smith & Jake

John Hathway & Stephen Gorton

John Fassum, Ross Murphy, Luke Fassum

John & Zac Bradshaw

Bernard Bell

Nia Dokova, Hamish Woodhouse, Peter Keisner,

Tom, Jessie & William Meikle, Tara Phillips