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Parish Statistics

Patterdale Parish Statistics

Neighbourhood Statistics including 2011 Census results for Patterdale Parish are now available - click here to access the collection of local "Office for National Statistics" data.

ACT (ACTion with Communities in Cumbria) has made available a new set of Parish community profiles based largely on data from the 2011 Census. Click here to see the Patterdale Parish profile.

A few interesting local statistics, taken from the 2001 and 2011 Census. The charts above, compare, in percentage terms, the age bands of residents against the national figures.


Total Persons: 460 (221 Male and 239 Female)

Total Dwellings: 356 (of which 208 were households with residents, 7 were vacant and 141 were second residences or holiday homes).


Total Persons: 501 (254 Male and 247 Female)

Total Dwellings: 330 (of which 210 were households with residents).

(It seems improbable that 26 dwellings were lost in 10 years, more likely to be a change in definition)

The average age for Patterdale is 44.34 years,

compared with 38.6 years for England as a whole.

The average age for Patterdale is N/A years,

compared with 39.3 years for England as a whole.

Population 1801 to 1901

The Rev. W P Morris, in his book 'The Records of Patterdale', gives the population of the parish for each of the census between 1801 and 1901.