Boundary Walk - 2015

The 2015 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 4th July, with heavy rain and mist at the start. Here is a collection of photographs taken by the support teams at Glencoyne and at Kirkstone Top. Unfortunately, some walkers had left Kirkstone Top before the photographer arrived - if you are one of these, have your own team photograph and would like it to be included in this gallery, please e-mail it to us.

(We have added captions from the hand-written notes given to us by the support team/photographers, so hope we have the names right. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)

Jessica, William & Isabel Miekle, Alex Woodhouse

Heather & Carmen Tomas-Smith, David Albon, Sue Oxley, Leslie Postlethwaite

David Rust, Chris Silk, Anthony Collier

Glen & Sheila Bridge (with 'Charley' the dog)

Freda & Arun Sommerfield

Sarah & Rachel Moseley, Holly & Jessica Brown, Eve Wynn

Richard & Gina Farncombe, Michele Castle, Freda & Arun Sommerfield, Andrew Michel, Simon Garner

Pat Dyson, Jan & Brian King, Carole Mousdell, Ruth & Morgana Walker, Malcom Paton, Paul & Margaret Neate, Richard Theobald

Neil, Lesley & Jo Heeley, Angela Hall

Hilary Griggs, Andrew, Isaac & Grace Laing

Danny, Fran, Evie & Lizzie Teasdale

Peter Faulder, Lorraine Swanson, Mike Town

Rebecca, Eric, Louis, Finn & Arthur Russell


Matthew Cox

Ellie Horsley

Linda Murgatroyd, Steve Forster, Elise Milnes

Steve & Donny Tomkins

Edward Evans & Lynda Hill

Alex Woodhouse, Jessica, Isabel & William Miekle

Steve & Barry Gorton, Rowhan & Imogen Harris

Carl Scrivens, Jared & Iona Smith, Dean Kelso

Woodhouse & Gorton Family Members

Andrew, Clare & baby Joshua Darby, Katrina Collins

Nora Haines & Mel Walters

Richard Ricardo, Scott Orchard, Fran Kina, Simon Mead & 'Damson' the dog

Simon McManus

Heather & Carmen Tomas-Smith, David Albon, Sue Oxley, Leslie Postlethwaite

Heather Rhodes

Ann Burrell, Pat Johnson, Fiona Batten (Helpers at Kirkstone Top)

Margaret Boothroyd, Joan Wear (Helpers at Kirkstone Top)

Gillian Minich, Sean Duffy