Boundary Walk - 2014

The 2014 Boundary Walk took place on Saturday the 5th July. Here is a collection of photographs taken by the support teams at Glencoyne and at Kirkstone Top.

(We hope we have the names right. If not please e-mail us at and we will fix it right away)

Liz Stewart registers Graham Banks and Simon McManus at Glencoyne

Dan Wise & Scott Jorgenson

Nicky Melling and Betty Dobson

Simon and Benedict Davis with Oliver Holden

The Rob Shephard Team

Team 'Patterdale Mountain Rescue'

Jared and Iona Smith with Danny Teasdale

Robin Turner

Heather and Brian Davis

The Summerfield and Castle Families

Ann, Maureen, Ruth and Terry Wilcox, Pat Dyson, Brian and Jan King, Ruth, Morgana and Luke Sanderson

Philip and Nicky Brown

The Shephards, Spaldings, Stockdales, Thompson and Masons with Brock, Narla and Morgan

Sarah, Rachel and Catherine Moseley with Holly and Jessica Brown

Peter Merritt, Stephen Gorton and Andrew Darby

Mary and Richard Theobald with Pat Hanson

Mike Town, Pete Faulder, Tim Kirkup and Stuart Glencross

Katrina Collins, Lou Woof and Carrie Darby

Paul White and Eric Draper (the first of the 30 milers at Kirkstone)

The Russell Family (Eric, Rebecca, Arthur, Louis and Finn)

Peter Weber and Sean Duffy

The Sullivans

John, Sara, Fraser, Rachel and Caroline

Peter Sowerby and Chris Lunn

Tracy Watson and Laura Iredale

Rachel Williams and ??

Fiona Palliser, Sally Brading, Claire Edgar and Stephen Hall

David Rust and Anthony Collier

Rosie Collier, Joanna Dobbin, Geoege and Joe Steptoe

Helen, Chris and Adrian Lawrence

Helen Ash, Mike Blakely and Mike Rippon

Wing Yin Ho, Alex Greenwood and Daniel Beech

Carl Beetle, Mike and Cathy McNicholas

Scott, Luke and John Fassum

Richard Ricardo and Simon Mead

Joan Wear and Margaret Boothroyd

PMRT Trailer at the Kirkstone Checkpoint

Ian Griggs 'The Tea Boy' at the Kirkstone Check Point

Ann Burrell, Veronica McGloin, Rob and Fiona Batten