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In this section of the site, we are bringing together as much historical information as possible about the Parish of Patterdale. It is hoped this will be of as much interest to local readers as it will undoubtedly be to genealogists and historical researchers in more distant places. Much of this data has been provided by Chris Darvill, who, over many years, has transcribed the Parish Registers, Census Returns, Memorial Inscriptions and local Directories.

Some subjects for future inclusion have been suggested by readers and these are shown below in italics (with no active link). If you know anything about these, or know of any other stories about local events or people and fancy writing something up about them, please do so. We will gladly add them to the site and of course give you full acknowledgement as the author.

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Wesleyan Chapel Parish Registers

Baptism Register

Mar 1892 - Mar 1983

Wesleyan Marriage Register

Sep 1902 - Oct 1992


Parson & White Directory 1829

Mannex Directories 1849, 1851

Harriet Martineau Directory 1855

Post Office Directories 1858

Whellan Directory 1860

Bulmer's Directories 1885, 1905

Kelly's Directories

1894, 1897, 1906, 1910, 1914,

1921, 1925, 1929, 1934, 1938

Westmorland Gazette Directory 1930


Hearth Tax Returns

1669-72, 1670, 1674/5

Various Historical Notes

Extracts by John F Curwen

Protestation Returns 1641/42

Parish of Patterdale