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Zipwire Proposal

In 2014 TreeTop Trek put forward a proposal for a zipwire in Glenridding. There were three open meetings in Glenridding Public Hall to discuss the proposal over the September - December period, and there was a community vote (see document below) in December which resulted in an overwhelming vote against the proposal. Following the vote, TreeTopTrek announced they would no longer pursue their proposal for a zipwire in Glenridding.

We have archived here some of the key relevant pieces of information - a description of the community vote process that was adopted, the result of the vote, the withdrawal statement by TreeTopTrek, and a list of links to relevant letters, blogs, news reports etc.

The document below, provided by Rob Shephard on behalf of the vote organisers, describes the Community Vote process and includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The Community Vote slip is reproduced at the end of the document.

Community Vote Proposal

The purpose of this document is to outline the proposal for the planned “Community Vote” for or against the proposed Zip Wire Installations above Glenridding.

Vote Objective

It has been clearly stated on several occasions by Mike Turner of Tree Top Trek that he would proceed with his proposals only if he had majority support of the community. Therefore the objective of the “Community Vote” is to give everyone with a physical interest in the Parish the opportunity to cast a vote for and against and therefore to ascertain the true majority feeling of the community about this proposal.

Who Can Vote

The proposal is that the Community Vote would follow the same principles as existing surveys such as the Local Housing Survey, with the exception that it would be open to everyone qualifying aged 16 or over. As such the aim is to make it as inclusive as possible. Therefore it would include:

· Everyone who is on the Parish Electoral Roll

· Everyone who lives or owns a home in the Parish

· Everyone who owns a business in the Parish

This should ensure that the full spectrum of views and opinions are considered and the end result is a true reflection of the “Community” view, based on “one person one vote”.

How Will It Work – The Form

A simple form would be distributed (by hand/email/post) asking people the following question - “Are you in favour of the proposed zip wire installations in the Glenridding Valley?” with a Yes and No box underneath to be crossed. We would then ask for Name and Address details which would be cross-referenced with the Eden District Council register of household and business owners. Each form will then be signed by the voter. Any forms not properly filled in would be declared void.

How Will It Work – The Vote

The proposal is that the Community Vote Approach is ratified at the Open Meeting on the 3rd December 2014. The objective would then be to have distributed all the voting forms by Friday 5th December 2014 with a view to having these returned by Friday 12th December 2014.

Votes would be returned to sealed collection points at Sharmans in Glenridding and the Post Office in Patterdale, or by post to the post office in Patterdale, or via email. People would also have the option of voting in person at the Village Hall on Friday 12th December where they could vote “anonymously” once they had been ticked off the register. All votes would be reconciled against the register and counted over the weekend of the 13th/14th December with the results announced on Monday 15th December. The voting process and count would be overseen by a small group of volunteers chaired by Terry Wilcock. The count will be open to members of the public to observe.

Community Vote Proposal


Please remember that this is not an attempt to create a legally binding vote – it is simply a way of gauging opinion in the Parish about this proposal in as equitable manner as possible. Is it foolproof? No – but it should do the job. As with anything else we are relying on the integrity of all involved to ensure the outcome is as fair reflection of people’s views. This will only happen if everyone, whatever their views, works together.

Are you in favour of the proposed zip wire installations in the Glenridding Valley?”

Please put one “X” in the appropriate box

Completed slips can be placed in sealed voting boxes at Sharmans in Glenridding, or The Patterdale Village Store. They can also be delivered in person to the Glenridding Village Hall on Friday 12th December 2014 between 10:00 and 16:00. Forms can also be posted to

Zip Wire Vote, c/o Patterdale Village Store, Patterdale, Cumbria, CA11 0NW

Extra forms and more information about the vote are available from Sharmans and Patterdale Village Store or can be downloaded from the Patterdale Today Website.

Zipwire Proposal

Vote Result!

The result of the Community Vote on the possibility of a zipwire in Glenridding has now been declared:

In Favour 13

Against 324

Abstention 1

Unqualified 46

Total Votes 384

Following the declaration of the result of the Community Vote, Mike Turner , Tree Top Trek, has issued a statement withdrawing any further interest in a Glenridding zipwire.

Tree Top Trek

Glenridding Zipwire Withdrawal Statement

"Whilst I obviously regret not having been able to develop the concept into a proposal, the local community has made their views very clear and I will stand by our commitment not to pursue this any further in Glenridding. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to debate what was always going to be a contentious topic and in doing so have at least demonstrated that the zip wire concept is valid and broadly acceptable in the right location. I would like to thank the community again for their time. It is to their complete credit that they have been so unified in their response." - Mike Turner, Tree Top Trek

Zip Wire Proposal

Some Useful Links

Listed below are some relevant links,including amongst others the Lake District National Park informal pre-planning advice on the proposal, an open letter to residents from Treetop Trek, an open letter from born and bred resident Robert Teasdale asking for a "No" vote, and a link to the "No Zip Here" dedicated website.

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    • Click here to read a letter to the Herald that is critical of the Lake District National Park Authority

    • Click here to read a summary of the Sept 29th Open Meeting from the Parish Council website

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    • Click here to read the "Vote No" Open Letter from local resident Robert Teasdale

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