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South Section

The following is a list, with inscriptions, of the memorials in the South section of the churchyard. They are listed in alphabetical order. An image of the memorial can be viewed by clicking on the location reference (the image opens in a new tab/screen in your browser, to return to this page, close that tab or select the Patterdale TODAY tab).

S/R2M2 - In loving memory of William Alcock who died at Birch House, Keswick Dec. 8th 1899 aged 76 years. Also of Isabella, his wife, who died at Patterdale, Oct 14th 1877, aged 52 years. 'Be ever with the Lord'.

S/R1M1 - In memory of William Barron, Mining Agent, who died 20th Sep. 1869, aged 54 years. Also of Jane his wife, who died 11th Feb, 1878, aged 63 years. Interred at Woodhouse Lane Cemetery, Leeds. Also of Jane Barron, their only daughter, who died Jan 21st 1918. Interred In the foresaid cemetery.

S/R3M5 - Colin Bostock Byrd M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. 1893 - 1951. Enid A. Byrd M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. 1894 - 1958.

S/R7M1 - In the midst of life we are in death. In memory of Robert Daykin, who died Feby 14th 1867 aged 54 years. He was born ……. Dale, Yorkshire in 1813, and in …………….he app ………… of agent to …………………………………… in which capa………………………………. when he beca ……………………………….. lead mine in P .................................. the time of ...................................

S/R6M1 - In affectionate remembrance of John Earl of Colby House Appleby, who died October 22nd 1876, aged 86 years. Also of Mary relict of the above who died Decr 31st 1891, aged 74 years. John their son died at Beechworth, Australia, March 14th 1871, aged 31 years.

S/R3M4 - In loving memory of Esther beloved wife of Joseph E. Garthwaite who died April 18th 1951, aged 71 years. Also of the above Joseph Garthwaite who died January 11th 1953, aged 84 years. And Eva, their daughter, 30-4-74.

S/R4M2 - In loving memory of Walter Josolyne Glanville born January 16th 1881, died January 8th 1952. And his wife Kathleen born August 16th 1886, died December 21st 1982. 'My presence shall go with thee and I will give thee rest'. Exodus XXXIII.14.

S/R2M1 - In memory of Mary the beloved wife of Richard Grenfell, agent in the Greenside Mine who died Feb 1st 1868, aged 42. 'Oh, husband dear, my time is past, my love remained while life did last, but now I'm dead no sorrow take but love the children for my sake'. Also of Richard Grenfell who died June 11th 1875 aged 59 years. 'Until the day dawns'.

S/R2M4 - In memory of Frederick Wilson Jackson who departed this life August 1st 1870 aged 26 years. Also Sarah, his aunt, wife of H. Dobson, who died Feb. 20th, 1886 aged 81 years. Also of the above Hiram Dobson, who died August 12th 1899, aged 85 years.

S/R2M3 - In loving memory of Mary Kidd, who died at Patterdale Hotel, April 18th 1892 aged 91 years. Also Mark Ellwood Kidd her son, who died March 13th 1895 aged 49 years. Also Dorothy his beloved wife who died Nov 18th 1898, aged 53 years.

S/R3M1 - In memory of Laura the beloved daughter of George and Sarah Motton (of Liskeard, Cornwall) who died in this Parish on the 26th of March 1872, aged 13 years. '----------------------- cease ye mourners, cease to languish o'er the graves of those you love; Pain and death and care and anguish enter not the realms above'. ----------------------- Also of George Motton of Glenridding who died September 2nd 1896 aged 69 years. And of Sarah his wife who died April 6th 1899, aged 73 years. Interred at Lancaster.

S/R5M1 - In remembrance of John Pattinson of Side Cottage, Patterdale who departed this life April 12th 1862 aged 60 years. 'Mark the perfect man and behold upright, for the end of that man'. Also of Mary his wife who died June 10th 1882 aged 75 years. 'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord'.

S/R4M1 - In loving memory of John George Routledge who died March 3rd 1951, aged 52 years. Also of his son, Neville, who died November 15th 1981, aged 55 years.

S/R3M2 - In memory of Joseph Todhunter of Glencoin who died September 10th 1873 aged 77 years. Also of Jane Nixon house-keeper of the above who died July 9th 1870, aged 65 years. Also of Mary her daughter who died December 28th 1871 aged 35 years. Also of Agnes Jane, daughter of the last named, who died February 6th 1871 aged 5 years.

S/R2M5 - In loving memory of Joseph the beloved son of Lowthian & Mary Wilson who died March 31st 1888 aged 4 years. 'At rest'.

S/R2M6 - Mary Wilson 1927

S/R3M3 - In loving memory of Sarah Ann the beloved daughter of Lowthian & Mary Wilson who died Sept. 17th 1889 aged 4 years. 'At rest'.