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1941 Extension

The following is a list, with inscriptions, of the memorials in the 1941 Extension of the churchyard. They are listed in alphabetical order. An image of the memorial can be viewed by clicking on the location reference (the image opens in a new tab/screen in your browser, to return to this page, close that tab or select the Patterdale TODAY tab).

1941/R4M13 - In loving memory of Jugal Kisor Adhya of Rooking End Patterdale. Died 6th Aug. 1974 aged 84 years. And Doris his beloved wife died 20th April 2002 aged 93 years. 'Rest in peace'.

1941/R3M20 - In memory of John Valentine Allen OBE of Hartsop Hall 14th Feb. 1886 - 10th Sept. 1969. Also his wife Margaret Anne 14th May 1892 - 28th Dec. 1983.

1941/R4M9 - Alfred Russel Allen 1.7.97 - 15.2.73. 'I will lift my eyes unto the hills'. Margaret Dixon Allen 25.4.08 - 25.7.85. 'Towards the sun rising'.

1941/R7M14 - In memory of John Wood Allen O.B.E., late of Hartsop Hall, born 26.6.1922, died 26.10.2011. John Wood Allen died 26th Oct. 2011 aged 89 years.

1941/R3M21 - In loving memory of William Allsup of Bridgend, Deepdale. Died 8th August 1969 aged 79 years.

1941/R3M7 - In loving memory of Mabel wife of F. Backhouse 1899 - 1960. 'At rest'.

1941/R4M18 - In loving memory of Norma L. Bainbridge died 26th December 1975 aged 41 years, beloved wife of Les died 14th January 2004 aged 73 years. Much loved mum & dad.

1941/R2M26 - In loving memory of our dear parents Isaac Frederick Barker who died 13 March 1963 aged 79 years and Maria his dear wife who died 21 Feb 1963 aged 81 years. 'In death undivided'.

1941/R7M4 - In loving memory of a dear husband and father Anthony Barker of Noran Bank Farm died 23rd Sept. 1999 aged 81 years.

1941/R5M31 - In loving memory of Ethel Barnsley died 18 May 1978 aged 58.

1941/R5M32 - In loving memory of James Barnsley died 27 August 1982 aged 65.

1941/R6M10 - Loving memories of Vera Ellen Beard born 17th April 1945 died 22nd March 1998. 'A Christian'.

1941/R1M17 - In loving memory of Kathleen Beedle died 17th June 1956 aged 64 years and of her beloved husband Stephen Thomas died 11th August 1957 aged 66 years.

1941/R2M13 - In loving memory of Florence May beloved wife of John Bell died 18th Jany 1959 aged 73 years. Also of the above John Bell died 19th Jany 1974 aged 84 years.

1941/R4M15 - In loving memory of Catherine Emily Bellis died 9th September 1974.

1941/R4M16 - In loving memory of Thomas Walter Bellis born 20th October 1896 died 14th November 1981.

1941/R6M8 - In loving memory of Patricia Catherine Bellis born 28th March 1924 died 11th March 1989.

1941/R6M9 - In loving memory of John Hugh Michael Bellis born 31st August 1930 died 17th June 1989.

1941/R5M3 - Treasured memories of David Berriman beloved husband of Maureen born 5th May 1942 died 22nd Sept. 1989. 'Forever in my heart'.

1941/R3M16 - In loving memory of Mary Lillian Berry wife of Arch & mother of Ross & Mary, died Xmas Day 1966, aged 83 years. And her husband Archibald John died 15th Dec 1976 aged 90 years.

1941/R2M24 - John Metcalfe Bigland died at Hartsop 12th July 1960.

1941/R2M28 - In loving memory of a dear husband John Willian Birkett died 20 March 1963 aged 67 years. Also a loving wife Martha died 9 March 1991 aged 88 years. 'Together again at rest'.

1941/R3M27 - In loving memory of a dear husband Harry Birkett who died 16th Octr 1968 aged 63 years and his dear wife Alice Maud who died 27th Jany 1992 aged 85 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R6M16 - Elsie Biszoff died 28th May 2010 aged 96 years.

1941/R2M6 - In loving memory of Colin Blamire 1926-1955. Edith Blamire 1903-1973. Edward Blamire 1902-1981. Elizabeth Blamire died 1961.

1941/R5M25 - In loving memory of a dear husband & father Alfred Harrison Blamire died 29th June 1979 aged 70 years.

1941/R5M26 - In loving memory of a dear wife & mother Margaret Blamire died 31st July 1986 aged 76 years.

1941/R6M26 - In loving memory of a dear husband, dad and grandad Derek H. Blamire who died 18th July 1994 aged 61 years. Also his dear wife Margaret a dear mum and gran who died 21st December 2002 aged 64 years. 'Together'.

1941/R6M28 - In loving memory of Henry James Blamire who died 29th April 1988 aged 88 years. 'A devoted husband and father'.

1941/R6M29 - In loving memory of Elizabeth May Blamire who died 9th January 1983 aged 79 years. 'A devoted wife and mother.

1941/R6M15 - In loving memory of Joe Boothroyd of Goldrill House Patterdale 1992, aged 56.

1941/R5M33 - In loving memory of a dear mother Florence A. Bowen died 19th February 1978. 'Now thank we all our God'.

1941/R2M14 - Treasured memories of a dear father and granda William Brown of Glenridding died 23rd February 1959 aged 64 years. Also a beloved mother and grandma Catherine died 19th December 1991 aged 91 years.

1941/R4M4 - In loving memory of Mary G. Brown died 23rd November 1971 aged 60 years. And of her husband John P. Brown died 22nd August 1980 aged 75 years.

1941/R5M6 - In memory of Frank Brown 1911-1988. And his wife Jessie 1913-1996 and their grandaughter Caroline 1972-1974.

1941/R6M6 - In loving memory of a dear husband dad and granda Alfred Brown 5 High Rake, Glenridding died 19th February 1991 aged 70 years.

1941/R7M7 - In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Brown (Nee Axon) 1926-2001. Anthony Clifford Brown of Deepdale Hall 1923-2004. 'To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'.

1941/R1M8 - In loving memory of William Bullough who died 20th Nov 1953 aged 76 years. 'Rest in peace'.

1941/R3M10 - In loving memory of Norah Burnett died 10th March 1986 aged 86 years.

1941/R3M11 - In loving memory of Mary Jane Burnett died 10th May 1973 aged 99 years.

1941/R4M11 - In loving memory of a dear husband and dad John Burrell of Lane Foot Deepdale died 3rd February 1974 aged 68 years. Also his loving wife Diana (Topsy) a dear mother and nana died 26th May 2002 aged 97 years.

1941/R2M1 - In loving memory of Isabella the beloved wife of James Clarke, died Sept. 27th 1952. And of the above James Clarke, Ex.P.C. died Jan. 18th 1957. 'At rest'.

1941/R6M13 - Anne Pauline Clifford 1925-2013. 'May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back.'

1941/R6M14 - John Lewis Clifford 1923-1992. 'Deep peace of the shining stars to you'.

1941/R1M12 - Hilda Cole, died 22nd May 1955, aged 73 years. 'Ever remembered'.

1941/R2M23 - Treasured memories of my dear husband John P. Cole died 9th Jan 1963 aged 75 years. Also his wife Elizabeth 1891-1978. 'At rest'.

1941/R5M16 - In affectionate remembrance of Gertrude Venus Comer 1901-1982.

1941/R2M16 - In loving memory of James M Conway Gateshead died 19th August 1959.

1941/R5M2 - In memory of Jack Coop of Glossop and Glenridding born 4th March 1925, died 10th October 1993. Dear husband and lifelong friend of Margaret.

1941/R1M21 - In loving memory of Thomas dearly loved husband of Edith Hannah Cooper died at Ravenoaks, Watermillock 13th February 1957. Also of the above Edith Hannah Cooper died at Lambgill Bank, Watermillock 6th March 1977.

1941/R2M22 - In loving memory of Tom dearly loved husband of Elsie Coppock died 22nd June 1962 aged 75 years. Also Elsie the dearly loved wife of Tom and a much loved aunt died 26th May 1964 aged 75 years. 'I have fought the fight, I have kept the faith'.

1941/R7M17 - In loving memory Frank Michael Cordingley 'Mike' 1922 - 2013. 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills'. Psalm 121. Died 16th February 2013 aged 90 years

1941/R6M24 - In loving memory of Frances Marjorie Coward died 30th October 1996 aged 85 years.

1941/R5M22 - In loving memory of Ronnie Cox died 9th November 2006 aged 77 years.

1941/R5M23 - In loving memory of Edna Cox died 15th July 1978 aged 80 years. Also of Edward M. Cox died 26th June 1980 aged 78 years.

1941/R4M1 - In memory of Frances Catherine Crellin formerly of Cuthbert House, Glenridding daughter of James & Frances Hannah Crellin late of Douglas, Isle of Man, who died 11th May 1970.

1941/R7M16 - In loving memory of John Joseph Cross son, brother, uncle & friend 1951-2012. Missed by all. 'Rest in peace'.

1941/R2M17 - To the sacred memory of Walter Curry 26th May 1892 - 21st Novr 1959. Also Annie Emma wife of the above 25th Novr 1891 - 15th Decr 1984. Also a beloved son Samuel R.A.F. Battle of Britain, 5th Novr 1920 - 21st July 1940. 'They rest from their labours'.

1941/R4M29 - Lady Lucille Wallace Curzon B. Chicago 22 Feb. 1898 - D. London 21 March 1977. Beloved wife of Sir Clifford Curzon. 'Now hast thou overcome every danger'. (Mozart: The Magic Flute)

1941/R4M30 - Sir Clifford Michael Curzon CBE, FRAM, Hon D.Mus, Hon D.Litt. B. London 18 May 1907 - D. London 1 Sept. 1982. Concert Pianist. 'Du Holde Kunst'. (Schubert: An Die Musik)

1941/R5M1 - In loving memory of Tom Davison died 2nd Oct. 1977, aged 79 years. Also of his wife Dorothy died 2nd March 1989, aged 92 years.

1941/R3M13 - In loving memory of Robert Alan Dawes died 2nd October 1964 aged 20 years. 'Loves last gift remembrance'.

1941/R5M10 - In loving memory of a dear husband and dad Frederick Dawes died 11th. Nov. 1985, aged 67 years. Also his darling wife Ann a dear mum and nana, died 20th. May 2006, aged 83 years.

1941/R7M20 - Cherished memories of Malcolm Dawes 'Mac'. Much loved husband & dad died 27th April 2005, aged 53 Yrs. 'Loved life and fulfilled his dream'. 'Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal'.

1941/R2M5 - Peace in memory of Robert Denwood died 1st Nov 1954 aged 45 years.

1941/R3M18 - In loving memory of Percy James Dewis died 22nd Oct. 1969 aged 60 years. Also his wife Louisa died 7th April 1988 aged 80 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R2M19 - Memory John Dickie died Jan 16th 1961 aged 54.

1941/R1M6 - In loving memory of Emily daughter of Robert G and Mary M Dixon born Kirkstone Inn 1915 died 1953 aged 38. 'At rest'.

1941/R1M7 - In loving memory of Paulina Mary Grizedale Dixon daughter of George Dixon Yeoman of Crookabeck born 1873 died 1953 aged 80. 'At rest'.

1941/R5M34 - Geoffrey Dixon died 25th Feb. 2010 aged 73 years.

1941/R5M35 - In loving memory of Leslie Dixon died 26th Sept 1977 aged 63 years and his dear wife Florrie died 17th Oct 1999 aged 85 years. 'Loved always by their family'.

1941/R7M1 - In loving memory of Margaret Elizabeth Dixon a beloved mother and grandmother born 04.11.1917 died peacefully 19.05.2004.

1941/R3M3 - Kenneth & Joan Dobell of Noran Bank

1941/R4M8 - In loving memory of our dear mother Caroline Dufton who died 22nd July 1972 aged 82 years.

1941/R7M11 - In memory of Alan Dyson a loving husband & father who died 11th August 2009 aged 81 years. Also his son Christopher 1962-1979.

1941/R7M18 - Jake Bailey Eland 15th July 2007. 'Forever in our hearts'.

1941/R6M2 - Memories of Gordon Eyre a much loved husband and father died 23rd April 1990 aged 75 years.

1941/R8M5 - Martin Hadwin Fleming 1946 - 2014. Cherished son of Mary Hughes.

1941/R4M28 - In loving memory of Dorothy Flitter S.R.N., S.C.M.Q.I.D.N.S., who died 9th November 1976 aged 52 years. Also Edward (Ted) Louis Flitter who died 19th December 1993 aged 69 years.

1941/R7M12 - In loving memory Elaine Jennifer Freedman (Neé Hart) 1946 - 2010. 'Much loved, much missed'.

1941/R5M20 - Dorothy Mary Freeman of Wall End, Deepdale 1980.

1941/R6M5 - Treasured memories of a loving husband dad and granda Robert W. Gardner died 29th January 1991 aged 77 years. 'Together again forever'. A loving wife mother and grannie Eileen M. Gardner died 10th November 2008 aged 86 years.

1941/R1M1 - Dear to the memory of George Wm Gibson who gave his life for his friends July 7th 1952 aged 35 years.

1941/R1M13 - In loving memory of William Gibson of Hartsop died 16th July 1955 aged 83 years. Also of his beloved wife Ellen died 23rd Oct. 1966 aged 81 years.

1941/R3M25 - In loving memory of Violet Goulding who died 8th March 1991 aged 78 years beloved wife of Thomas and a dear mother and grandmother. 'Will always be missed'.

1941/R2M10 - Cherished memories of Thomas Peter Graveson born 23-11-38 died 25-6-05 aged 66 years, beloved husband of Lillian, father and grandfather.

1941/R1M18 - In loving memory of Florence Greenwood died at Mossdale October 13th 1956. Much loved aunt of Philip and Barbara Moon.

1941/R2M27 - Annie Grisdale died 11th March 1963 aged 73 years.

1941/R2M29 - Jane Grisdale died 18th Novr 1971 aged 87 years.

1941/R4M2 - In loving memory of William Atkinson Grisdale dearly beloved husband of Florence died 17th Feb. 1971 aged 64 years.

1941/R4M3 - And Florence the very dear wife of William Atkinson Grisdale died 1st Dec. 1992 aged 79 years. 'Reunited'.

1941/R3M9 - Treasured memories of Bryan beloved only son of Annie and the late William Grisenthwaite died 5 August 1960, aged 19 years. Sadly missed. And of Annie Grisenthwaite died 16 December 1992, aged 75 years. 'Some day we will understand why'.

1941/R5M4 - In loving memory of a dear husband John Charles Michael Grundy of Deepdale died 18th August 1989, aged 53 years. 'Pastoral'. R.I.P.

1941/R8M4 - In loving memory of Derrick George Hanson 9th Feb. 1927 - 12th Mar. 2012.

1941/R1M9 - In loving remembrance of Anne Harrison died Nov 26th 1953, aged 65 years and of John, beloved husband of Anne, died Oct 8th 1965, aged 80 years. Also Dorothy daughter of the above died March 17th 1937 aged 17 years. 'At rest'. 'In heavenly love abiding'.

1941/R2M3 - In memory of George Harrison who died Oct 30th 1952 aged 54 years. Also of his wife Elizabeth who died Jan 18th 1971 aged 73 years.

1941/R2M4 - In fond remembrance of Frances Isabel Harrison late of Brotherswater, died 8th March 1968 aged 66 years.

1941/R2M21 - In loving memory of a dear husband Peter George Harrison who died at Rookings, Patterdale 15th July 1961, aged 70 years. Also his dear wife Hilda late of Rookings, Patterdale who died at Penrith 4th July 1992, in her 100th year.

1941/R5M14 - In loving memory of Gladys M. Harrison who died 9th Nov. 1982, aged 76 years.

1941/R6M23 - In loving memory of a dear husband dad and granda William Hicks died 4th October 1996 aged 70 years. Evelyn Hicks dear wife mam and nana died 26th February 1999 aged 69 years.

1941/R7M8 - Kathleen Gertrude Hill 1926-2005. Nurse.

1941/R1M14 - In ever loving memory of Edith Ann Hinchliffe, Ghyll Foot, Patterdale who died 8th November 1955. Also Sam Hinchliffe, Ghyll Foot, Patterdale who died 15th June 1959. Joan Hinchliffe 1913 - 2009

1941/R2M7 - In loving memory of Annie, daughter of John & Elizabeth Hind died June 6th 1955 aged 78 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R3M15 - In memory Thomas Hind died 22nd August 1966 aged 73. Edith Hind died 24th August 1997 aged 92.

1941/R6M11 - In loving memory of Florence Annie Hindmoor 01.08.1917 - 16.04.2006. Mary Hannah Jenkinson 09.08.1915 - 16.11.2006. 'Sisters at peace'.

1941/R3M17 - In loving memory of Edith Hodgson died 20th March 1967 aged 61 years. 'Ger gorffwys duw'.

1941/R4M25 - In loving memory of James Waring Holden died 6th Aug 1976 aged 75 years. Mary Holden dearly loved mother of Jen. 'O love that wilt not let me go'.

1941/R2M2 - In loving memory of Mary Clifford beloved wife of Abraham Holdway, of Glenridding died Sept 30th 1952, aged 71 years. Also of the above Abraham Holdway, died Feb 21st 1966, aged 78 years. 'At rest'. 'I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again'. Attr. to Stephen Crellet.

1941/R5M17 - Mary F. Holt of Hartsop 1903 - 1982

1941/R3M14 - In loving memory of Thomas E. Hope 1896 - 1965 and his wife Margaret 1901 - 1972. 'Re-United'.

1941/R6M19 - Treasured memories of a dear husband father and granda Joseph Thomas Hope 'Joe' born 12th October 1925 died 19th September 1994. Also his Darling wife Anne a dear mother and grandma born 13th November 1925 died 16th January 1995. 'Reunited'.

1941/R7M15 - Mary Hughes 1913 - 2012. Cherished mother of Martin Hadwin Fleming.

1941/R5M9 - In loving memory of Sybil Iredale who died at Greenbank Farm on 13th March 1986 aged 65 years. Beloved wife of Harold Wilson who died 4th December 1999 aged 83 years.

1941/R4M12 - In loving memory of Robert George Ives died 18th April 1974 aged 71 years.

1941/R4M12 - In loving memory of Marjorie Ives beloved wife of Robert died 7th August 2000 aged 90 years. 'Now at peace'.

1941/R4M10 - Laura Jackson 26th April 1991

1941/R6M22 - In loving memory of Walter Jackson died 14th October 1995 aged 71 years.

1941/R5M13 - In loving memory of a dear brother Wilfred John Jenkinson died 5th Aug. 1985, aged 77 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R8M1 - Johnston. Treasured memories of John the dearly loved brother of Ella, Margaret and Sadie, died 15th February 2003 aged 79 years.

1941/R1M19 - In ever loving memory of Rosalie Jones. Our dearly loved mother who died 20 Dec 1956 aged 51 years. 'To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die'.

1941/R7M13 - Frederik Hermanus Kaan 27.7.29 - 4.10.09. Pastor & hymn writer. 'Put peace into each other's hands and like a treasure hold it, protect it like a candle flame, with tenderness enfold it'.

1941/R3M26 - In loving memory of my mother Margaret I. Kay died 13 Nov 1973.

1941/R2M11 - Fondest memories of Ian Harold beloved son of Joseph & Elizabeth Kelly died 9th Jany 1959 aged 18 years.

1941/R2M12 - In loving memory of Joseph Kelly the beloved husband of Elizabeth and father of Robert Joseph and Ian Harold, died 6th May 1977 aged 76 years. 'Fondly remembered'.

1941/R7M9 - In loving memory of Austin Kelso a dear Husband, father & grandad died 4th Feb. 2009 aged 77 years.

1941/R7M2 - In loving memory of Jack Kirkpatrick died 12th August 1998 aged 85 years. 'Rest After Weariness'.

1941/R5M18 - In loving memory of a beloved husband and dad James Kirkup died 30th January 1981 aged 59 years. Also of his dear son Alan James dearly loved daddy, son and brother died 11th March 1989 aged 33 years. Also Freda Kirkup died 21st January 2007 aged 81 years, a loving wife, mother and nanna.

1941/R5M19 - To a dear daddy loved always. Christian & Annabelle (Alan James Kirkup)

1941/R2M25 - Mary Jane Kitching

1941/R5M24 - In loving memory of Elizabeth F.W.A. Laverick a dear wife, mother and nana, died 7th November 1979 aged 81 years. 'Always remembered'.

1941/R3M6 - In loving memory of a dear husband & father Geoffrey Lightfoot of Gillside Farm Glenridding died 30th Decr 1967 aged 40 years.

1941/R3M12 - In loving memory of Robert Henry dearly beloved husband of Dora Annie Lightfoot died at Gillside 3rd Feb. 1964 aged 63 years. Also of the above Dora Annie Lightfoot died 6th Dec. 1997 aged 93 years.

1941/R4M26 - Susan Elspeth Lumsden born Aug. 6th 1922 died Aug. 22nd 1976. Evelyn Marie Jones born 28-01-1912 died 23-06-2008.

1941/R1M2 - In loving memory of my dear husband Richard Mallinson died July 7th 1952 aged 34 years.

1941/R6M27 - Kathleen (Kate) Manning born 17th February 1917 died 2nd March 1987, the dear wife of John Vernon Manning born 7th March 1912 died 16th August 1995.

1941/R3M30 - To the everlasting memory of our dearly beloved daughter Sandra Martin died 30th Decr 1967 aged 21 years.

1941/R6M4 - In memory of a beloved husband Ronald Mcdonald died 10th Dec. 1990 aged 57 years.

1941/R2M20 - In loving memory of William Messenger who died 12th April 1961 aged 48 years. Also of Mary his wife who died 26th July 1971 aged 67 years.

1941/R7M3 - In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Mary J.C. 'Jean' Metcalfe died 10th November 1998, aged 84 years. Also a dearly loved husband and father James Arthur died 25th April 2003 aged 89 years. 'Reunited'.

1941/R2M18 - In loving memory of Matthew Mignonelli died 23rd August 1960 aged 49.

1941/R1M3 - In ever loving memory of Johnny Miller who died July 7th 1952 aged 29 years. Andrew R Miller who died Dec. 29th 1991 aged 63 years. 'R.I.P'.

1941/R1M4 - In memory of Catherine Miller died Nov. 13th 1955.

1941/R3M22 - In loving memory of Clarence Mounsey of Tenter Howe died 31st January 1978 aged 68 years.

1941/R3M23 - In memory of Bertha Mounsey Tenter Howe died 5th June 1969 aged 73 years.

1941/R3M2 - Treasured memories of Bertha Nicholson died 8th March 1953. Also her husband John Nicholson died 8th Dec 1969. 'At rest'.

1941/R4M14 - In loving memory of a dear mother Violet Modderina Nicholson nee Jones who died 7th June 1986 aged 86 years.

1941/R4M27 - In loving memory of Harold Oglethorpe of Raw Head who died 29th Sept 1983. Also his wife Ada who died 26th Oct 1976.

1941/R2M8 - In loving memory of a dear wife Jane Pattinson who died 8 February 1958 aged 71 years. Also her dear husband Glenthorne Jubilee Pattinson who died 5 January 1973 aged 85 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R3M1 - In loving memory of Mary Pattinson, of Gillside Farm, who died Jan. 10th 1953, aged 48 years. Also Henry her beloved husband who died Nov. 17th 1980 aged 75 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R4M6 - In loving memory of Sybil Pattinson died 3rd July 1972 aged 87 years. And of her husband Arthur Milligan Pattinson died 9th February 1945 aged 74 years.

1941/R8M2 - In memory of Thomas Pattinson 'Tom' beloved husband of Sadie dearest father of Steven who passed away 20th December 2011 aged 84 years.

1941/R8M3 - Pattinson loving memories of Sadie, devoted wife to Tom cherished mother and aunt much loved sister, died 18th June 2010 aged 76 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R6M1 - In memory of a dear husband and father Richard Pitchford died 4th April 1990 aged 80 years and of his wife Florence Margaretta died 3rd October 1996 aged 82 years.

1941/R5M8 - Dorothy F. Pollard died 29th April 1987 aged 78 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Pollard, late of Danby, North Yorkshire.

1941/R3M19 - In loving memory of John Edward Pool died 19th Oct. 1969 aged 73 years. Also of his wife Mary Edith died 25th March 1995 in her 97th Year. 'They walk with God in paths of peace'.

1941/R5M12 - In loving memory of Robert Porter died 22nd April 1983, aged 75 years.

1941/R5M11 - Eva Kathleen Pyrah died aged 87 on 2nd April 1984. 'Now resting in her beloved lakeland'.

1941/R1M15 - In loving memory of Elizabeth Reynolds who died Dec. 1st 1955 aged 73 years.

1941/R1M11 - In loving memory of Mary Hannah Richards who died 23 February 1955 aged 64 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R4M19 - In loving memory of Margaret Richardson died 5th May 1976 aged 53 years. 'At rest'. Päiva Hannele Richardson died 29th March 1993, aged 66.

1941/R6M17 - In loving memory of Albert Routledge died 7th April 1994 aged 79 years. 'Sadly missed'.

1941/R1M5 - In loving memory of Louisa Emma Royle, dear wife and mother, who died 3rd September 1952, aged 100 years. And of her daughter May Royle, who died 12th January 1960, aged 67 years. Elaine Margaret Davies who died 5th September 1971 aged 89 years. 'Thy word was the joy of my heart'. Jeremiah XV16.

1941/R1M20 - In loving memory of John Rudd died 23rd Decr 1956 aged 64 years.

1941/R3M4 - Treasured memories of a loving husband and dad Alex Santamera who died 14 January 1960 aged 48 years. Also with loving memories of a devoted mum and grandmother Sally Santamera who died 8 August 1970 aged 60 years. 'So dearly loved, so sadly missed'.

1941/R6M20 - Dora Harley Scaife 1916-1995 beloved wife of James Scaife 1910-1992.

1941/R6M12 - Cherished memories of Karl Schepers a dear husband and father 1923-1987 and a much loved wife & mother Elizabeth (Betty) Schepers 1920-1997. 'We pray for our mothers and fathers, who give our food and our clothes and the homes where we live: O teach us to pay them the debt that we owe'.

1941/R1M10 - In loving memory of Thomas Shaw of Deepdale died 7th January 1954 aged 76 years. Also his wife Sarah Jane died 29th September 1966 aged 86 years. 'In pastures green he leadeth them'.

1941/R1M16 - In loving remembrance of my dear husband Edward Leslie Shaw died Jan 27th 1956 aged 54 years. Also of his dear wife Alice died Nov. 30th 1991 aged 86 years.

1941/R3M5 - In remembrance of William F, dearly beloved husband of Gwendolen Mary Sinkinson died 14th Jany 1960 aged 23 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1941/R2M10 - In loving memory of Reuben Sleightholme died 2nd June 1958 aged 68 years. Also his beloved wife Florence died 10th Dec. 1984 aged 92 years and their dear daughter Freda Graveson died 8th Oct. 1998 aged 82 years. 'A much loved mother and grandmother'.

1941/R4M5 - In loving memory of Robert Scott Smith died 11th April 1972 aged 46.

1941/R3M28 - In loving memory of Alice S. Sowerby died 25th March 1971 aged 49 years.

1941/R3M28 - In loving memory of R.T. Sowerby died 2nd December 1976.

1941/R1M22 - Mary Emma Spence born 24th February 1857 died 31st August 1957.

1941/R4M22 - In loving memory of Marion Steer 6th Dec. 1903 11th June 1976.

1941/R4M23 - In loving memory of Donald Grey Steer 17th Feb 1906 1st Aug 1981.

1941/R6M21 - In loving memory of our dear son Philip Taylforth died 11th Aug. 1995 aged 30 years.

1941/R7M10 - In loving memory of a dear husband Hugh Taylor died 29.7.2009 aged 88 years.

1941/R4M17 - In loving memory of Tom N. Teasdale died 24th June 1975 aged 76 years. Also of his beloved wife Jane S. Teasdale died 1st December 1993 aged 89 years.

1941/R5M15 - In loving memory of George Teasdale beloved husband and father died 31 October 1982 aged 68 years. Also his dear wife Ada Burdis Teasdale died 27 December 2000 aged 87 years. Sydney Teasdale 1934-2002.

1941/R5M27 - In loving memory of Annie Teasdale died 7th April 1979 aged 69 years and her husband Jack died 22nd April 1981 aged 70 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R7M6 - In loving memory of Thomas Gordon Teasdale died 29th March 2001 aged 24 years.

1941/R1M23 - Nicholas Ridley Temperley born at Low Fell 12 April 1879 died 11 December 1963. Mary Elsa Temperley born 27 January 1886 died 17 August 1976.

1941/R3M8 - In memory of T. W. Thompson died 7th July 1960 aged 59 years. Also his wife Audrey died 24th January 2005 aged 75 years.

1941/R5M7 - In loving memory of a dear husband George Edward Timmons died 19th Sept. 1982 and his wife Eva Annie died 9th Feb. 2002. 'Together Again'.

1941/R2M15 - In loving memory of Joseph Archibald Tonkin who died 9th May 1959 aged 63 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1941/R5M5 - In loving memory of mam and dad. Edwin Turner died 23rd December 1988 aged 68 years and his wife Elizabeth died 26th September 1990 aged 66 years.

1941/R5M29 - In memory of Oliver Russ Turner 9 March 1910 - 13 February 1999. 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help'. Psalm 121.1.

1941/R5M30 - In memory of Ethel Mary Turner (Neé Metters) a devoted wife and loving mother 30 May 1904 - 27 June 1978. 'I lie down and sleep; I wake again for the Lord sustains me'. Psalm 3.5.

1941/R5M21 - Margaret Helen Watson of Wall End, Deepdale 1990.

1941/R4M20 - In loving memory of Mary Cicely Wear wife of the late Leslie Wear died 14th May 2013 aged 88 years. 'Forever in our thoughts'.

1941/R4M21 - In loving memory of Leslie Wear died 2nd June 1976 aged 67 years.

1941/R4M24 - In loving memory of Joe Wear died 28th July 1976 aged 75 years and Madge Wear died 18th September 1992 aged 93 years. 'At rest'.

1941/R4M31 - In loving memory of Norman Verdun Wear died 10th May 1977 aged 61 years and his dear wife Frances Mary (Molly) died 1st February 1999 aged 77 years.

1941/R7M5 - In loving memory of Marjorie the love of my life. Marjorie Wear a loving wife, mum and nanna. Born 3rd October 1931 died 14th December 2003 aged 72 years. 'Love always and forever'.

1941/R5M28 - In loving memory of my devoted and deeply loved darling wife Gwendoline Mary Whitaker died 6th Sept 1978 aged 51 years.

1941/R2M9 - In loving memory of William beloved husband of Ethel Wilkinson died 17th March 1958 aged 45 years.

1941/R3M29 - Treasured memories of John Wilkinson who died 27th July 1968 aged 58 years. Also of his wife Kathleen who died 21st May 2003 aged 91 years. 'Reunited'.

1941/R6M3 - Treasured memories of a dear husband and father, Matthew Williamson died 9th May 1990, aged 87 years.

1941/R3M24 - In loving memory of a dear husband George Wilson died at Glencoyne Farm 25th January 1969 aged 56 years and his wife Mary Isabella died 3rd November 1987 aged 80 years.

1941/R6M7 - In loving memory of Annie Wilson a beloved wife mother and grandma who died 12th July 1991 aged 58 years. Also her husband Dick dear dad and granda who died 26th Oct 2005 aged 82 years. 'Always remembered'.

1941/R6M18 - In loving memory of Gordon Winter died 28th June 1994 aged 77 years.

1941/R6M25 - Quenilda Woodhouse Neé Gorton 1934-97. 'A channel of thy peace'. Beloved wife of Michael.

1941/R7M19 - In loving memory of Renie Rose Woof died 25th June 2005 and her loving husband Robert Henry Woof 'Bob', died 5th October 2006. Much loved mum & dad, sadly missed grandma & granda. 'Together forever'. 'Too dearly loved to be forgotten'.

1941/R4M7 - In loving memory of Frederick (Freddie) Wynn 18.5.1921 - 16.7.1972 and his wife Margaret (Pat) 22.4.1925 - 28.6.2014. Much loved parents grandad & nanna. 'Reunited'.

1941/R4M8 - In loving memory of John Wynnyckyj and Iris Wynnyckyj a dear husband, a dear wife, mam, dad, grandad & Gran, died 7th July 2007 and died 26th May 2011, aged 80 years and aged 84 years. (Note: These inscriptions are on the base stone of Caroline Dufton memorial)