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1903 Extension (North)

The following is a list, with inscriptions, of the memorials in the 1903 Extension (North) section of the churchyard. They are listed in alphabetical order. An image of the memorial can be viewed by clicking on the location reference (the image opens in a new tab/screen in your browser, to return to this page, close that tab or select the Patterdale TODAY tab).

1903N/R4M11 - In loving memory of John Frederick the beloved husband of Frances Annie and third son of John and Jane Allison, Glencoyne who died 11th November 1918, aged 27 years. Also of the above John Allison who died 31st August 1926, aged 67 years. Also of Jane, his wife, who died 16th January 1933, aged 70 years. 'Thy will be done'

1903N R6M9 - Thomas Backhouse born 1854 died 1931. Mary Backhouse born 1855 died 1916. Annie Abbott born 1887 died 1966. William Abbott born 1888 died 1975.

1903N/R6M7 - In loving memory of Edward Bainbridge, died Nov. 4th 1908, aged 35 years. Also of Annie Edeline beloved daughter of the above died June 25th 1913, aged 7 years.

1903N/R5M4 - To the memory of I. J. Barrow who entered into her rest June 23rd 1919

1903N/R1M5 - In loving memory of Thomas Blacklock of Bridge House, Glenridding, who died 12th Feb. 1935, aged 85 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died 5th April 1924, aged 76 years. Peace perfect peace.

1903N/R2M3 - In loving memory of George Brown, who died May 26th 1947, aged 79 years. Also of Jane his wife who died Jan. 20th 1928, aged 56 years.

1903N/R5M13 - In loving memory of David Brown, who died Aug. 20th 1917, aged 47 years. Also of Mary Jane, his wife, who died Oct. 16th 1934, aged 63 years. Daughter Margaret Hamilton died 11.9.2005 aged 93 loving husband Jack died 6.3.1982 aged 74.

1903N/R1M14 - In memory of Charles Bennion Browne who died December 7th 1944, aged 76 years. And of his wife, Hannah Lucy, who died July 15th 1962, aged 95 years.

1903N/R2M1 - Sacred to the beloved memory of Edmund Somerset 15th Visct. Mountgarret. Born 1st February 1875 died 22nd June 1918. (Family name Butler)

1903N/R4M9 - In loving memory of Isabella the beloved wife of William Chugg, who died Oct. 16th 1923, aged 65 years. Also of the above William Chugg, who died March 29th 1925, aged 69 years. Also of John, son of the above, who died March 21st 1919, aged 32 years.

1903N/R2M2 - In affectionate remembrance of Roseanna Comer 31 January 1939. And William Donald Comer 5 February 1962. 'Re-United'.

1903N/R6M3 - In loving memory of Albert John Comer died 30 Nov. 1910 aged 8 Years.

1903N/R7M3 - In memory of Sydney P. Cooper who died March 30th 1917 aged 1 year.

1903N/R7M7 - In treasured memory of Peggy Dawes, who died Sept 9th 1943, aged 13 months. 'God hath plucked our flower'.

1903N/R5M3 - In memory of William Denwood died 2nd June 1941 aged 76 years.

1903N/R2M4 - In loving memory of John Dickinson, Rooking Ghyll, died 9th February 1940. After he had served his own generation by the will of God he fell on sleep.

1903N/R1M3 - In ever loving memory of Emily Jane Dryden daughter of the late George Dixon, the grandaughter of the late John Dixon of Crook-a-Beck. Born in Patterdale 19th June 1875 died In London 4th July 1932. Hope.

1903N/R1M7 - In loving memory of Esther J. Elliot died Nov. 5th 1940 aged 62 years.

1903N/R4M5 - In loving memory of my dear husband John Flint, born Oct 26th 1874 died at Home Farm Patterdale March 21st 1918. Also of Jessie his wife who died June 3rd 1929 aged 51 Years. 'Thy purpose Lord we cannot see but all is well that's done by thee'.

1903N/R10M5 - In loving memory of Joseph the beloved husband of Angelina Foster, who died at Glencoin, Oct. 31st 1910, aged 73 years. Also of the above Angelina Foster who died at Glencoin, April 26th 1914, aged 75 years.

1903N/R7M2 - In loving memory of Mary Esther, the beloved daughter of Joseph & Esther Garthwaite, Patterdale, who died Oct 25th 1913 aged 8 years. 'Some day you will understand'.

1903N/R3M5 - Peace. In loving memory of Jane Graham, of Scarfoot, who died March 26th 1931, aged 68 years. Also of Thomas Graham,who died Jan 28th 1925, aged 64 years.

1903N/R5M10 - With love from family. Elizabeth H. Grisdale died March 21st 1944 aged 73 years.

1903N/R6M11 - In loving memory of my dear husband, Wilson Grisdale, of The Square, Glenridding, who fell asleep January 16th 1914, aged 58 years. Also of Ruth, daughter of the above, who died December 10th 1886, aged 5 years. Also of Margaret Grisdale, wife of the above, who fell asleep May 28th 1927, aged 70 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R6M14 - In loving memory of Betsy, beloved wife of Stephen Hadwin, Deepdale, who died 25th Feby 1937, in her 62nd year. Stephen Hadwin who died 31st July 1946, in his 69th year. 'At rest'.

1903N/R7M1 - In loving memory of Herbert Hadwin who died Oct 21st 1908 in his 9th year.

1903N/R7M8 - In memory of Frank Hadwin died 30th. July 1984, aged 81 years. also his dear wife Norah died 8th May 1988, aged 74 years. R.I.P.

1903N/R5M5 - In fond remembrance of William Harrison. Also of Jane his wife. Also of William R., their son, of Brotherswater Cottage.

1903N/R1M16 - Sacred to the memory of Eileen Dorothy the dearly loved wife of Daniel Denis Herlihy who died at Glenridding House Dec. 11th 1943, aged 48 years.

1903N/R8M4 - In loving memory of John M. Hetherington, died July 22nd 1912. Also Mary Elizabeth his wife died Oct. 13th 1922.

1903N/R10M1 - In loving memory of our dear sister Hannah Hetherington who died at Glenridding House, July 8th 1903 aged 49 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R4M6 - In loving memory of my dear husband Harry Hicks, who died at Halton Terrace, Glenridding, March 29th 1919, aged 35 years. 'I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4.7'

1903N/R5M9 - In loving memory of William Hicks of Raw Head who died Jan 4th 1915 aged 55 years. Also of Mary his wife who fell asleep Aug 2nd 1932 aged 71 years.

1903N/R2M5 - In loving memory of John Hind, who died April 6th 1891, aged 53 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died April 2nd 1924, aged 85 years. Also of Thomas William their son, who died March 22nd 1913, aged 42 years. Also of Mary their daughter, who died Jan. 6th 1929, aged 60 years. Also of John James their son, who died Nov. 16th 1929, aged 55 years.

1903N/R8M1 - In loving memory of my dear husband James Hodgson, of Glenridding, who died Sep 10th 1908, aged 52 years. 'Peace perfect peace'.

1903N/R3M7 - In memory of Agnes Hudson, Mossdale, who died 21st March 1920, aged 63 years.

1903N/R5M1 - In joyous memory of Margaret Anderson aged 64, the beloved wife of William H. S. Ingles, Rector of this parish, who passed away 11th January 1942 at The Rectory. 'Earth changes. Thy soul and God stand fast'.

1903N/R7M5 - Edna Jones Aug 1920.

1903N/R7M6 - Rene Jones Sept 1929.

1903N/R4M3 - In loving memory of Annie Charlotte dearly beloved wife of John Patrick King and the daughter of John Henry and Isabel Millican died Dec. 5th 1919 aged 22 years. Also of the above Isabel Millican who died Dec. 8th 1921 aged 58 years. Also of the above John Henry Millican who died July 15th 1940 aged 75 years.

1903N/R9M1 - In loving memory of John Kirkland of Beckstones died Feb 6th 1907 aged 47 years. Sarah Bowness died August 20th 1952 aged 90 years.

1903N/R6M8 - In loving memory of William beloved son of James & Hannah Kirkup, of Greenside, Patterdale, who died Oct 21st 1910, aged 17 years. Also of John, their son who died June 13th 1912, aged 25 years. Also of Jane, their daughter who died at Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. April 22nd 1928, aged 47 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R5M12 - Peace. In loving memory of Edmund Kitching of Beckside Hartsop, who died Dec. 26th 1934 aged 84 years. Also of Elizabeth Ward his wife who died Aug. 11th 1915 aged 61 years. Also of their dear daughter Mary Jane, who died at Hartsop April 12th 1960.

1903N/R6M1 - Dear husband, John Lake, who died March 16th 1906 aged 56 years. 'We miss you and mourn you in silence unseen and dwell on the memories of days that have been'.

1903N/R8M7 - In loving memory of G. M. Lancaster of Glenridding died 6th July 1914 aged 43 years.

1903N/R1M4 - In loving memory of James Gordon Lauder, late Royal Artillery, who died September 5th 1919, aged 83 years.

1903N/R5M8 - In loving memory of Hannah beloved wife of John Leck, who died at Scar Foot, Patterdale, 22nd June 1910, aged 48 years. Also of the above John Leck, who died at Scar Foot, March 22nd 1913, aged 57 years.

1903N/R4M1 - In joyous memory of Elizabeth Ann (PIB) the dear wife of Thomas R. Little, of Daweswood who died on Sept. 4th 1930, aged 59 years. Also of Tom, their elder son, who was killed in action on Paschendale Ridge, Belgium, on Nov. 10th 1917, aged 21 years. Also of the above Thomas Royal Little, who died on July 21st 1955, aged 84 years. Also of their daughter Elizabeth who died at Daweswood on March 1st 1975, aged 75 years. 'They dwell in love'.

1903N/R1M8 - In memory of George MacPherson, of Brotherswater, who died Nov. 1st 1939, aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife Ada who died Jan. 28th 1954 aged 74 years.

1903N/R5M6 - In loving memory of Ann Marr, who died at Glenridding July 13th 1909, aged 80 years. Also of her son Lancelot P Marr, who died in South Africa, March 3rd 1902, aged 31 years. Also of T. L. Marr, who died at Detroit U.S.A. Dec 28th 1923, aged 53 years. Also William Pattinson, son of the above, who died July 20th 1945, aged 84 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R5M11 - In loving memory of Charles McGhie, Travellers Rest Inn Glenridding who died Oct. 22nd aged 49 years, was interred Oct. 25th 1914. 'His end was peace'. Also of Elizabeth Hannah Grisdale his wife who died March 21st 1944 aged 73 years.

1903N/R3M1 - In loving memory of Sam Marshall only son of William & Mary Ann Milcrest, of Glenridding, who died Nov. 13th 1910, aged 13 years.

1903N/R1M11 - Ethel Barbara Moon born 17.12.1919, died 5.7 2006 at Mossdale much loved Aunty and Great Aunt.

1903N/R1M12 - In grateful memory of Harold Joseph Moon M.R.C.S. - L.R.C.P. who died at Mossdale Oct. 29th 1943. And of Beatrice Sarah his wife who died at Mossdale Feb. 21st 1955. Also of Roger Moon who died June 23rd 1917 their infant son.

1903N/R1M13 - Harold Philip Moon 1910 - 1982. Naturalist.

1903N/R5M2 - To the memory of Alice Maud, the beloved wife of William Prosser Morris, Rector of this parish. Entered into rest December 23rd 1907. 'She hath done what she could'.

1903N/R7M4 - Norman Sandford Mounsey

1903N/R6M10 - Ted Murray 1910 - 1986

1903N/R6M12 - Ronald Alexander Murray 1908 - 1986. Also his daughter Heather Asplin died 1998, wife of Dr. Chris Asplin. Gwendoline Alice Murray 1916 - 2003.

1903N/R3M8 - In loving memory of John Nicholson, of Glenridding, who died Nov. 3rd 1921, aged 69 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, who died Dec. 20th 1934, aged 77 years. 'At rest'. And of Annie Coward, who died Nov. 15th 1982, aged 80 years.

1903N/R4M7 - In loving memory of Abraham the beloved husband of Rebecca Pattinson, Grassthwaite Howe, who died August 12th 1920, aged 83 years. Also of the above Rebecca Pattinson who died Nov. 28th 1935 aged 90 years. Also of Joseph their son who died in infancy. Also of John their son who died in infancy.

1903N/R8M2 - In loving memory of Matthew Pattinson of Glenridding who died Aug 16th 1906 aged 67 years. Also of Mary his wife who died Aug 3rd 1905 aged 71 years 'At rest'.

1903N/R10M7 - In loving memory of John Peel of Patterdale, who died at 31 Brougham St. Penrith, Dec 7th 1912, aged 46 years. Also of Jane, wife of the above, who died Jan 25th 1951, aged 87 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R1M6 - In loving memory of Patricia died 22nd Sept. 1977 beloved wife of Alastair Pilkington died 5th May 1995. 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free'. John 8.32

1903N/R8M6 - In loving memory of Anthony, the beloved husband of Mary Jane Pool, The Square, Glenridding, who died Nov. 13th 1916, aged 51 years. Also of the above Mary Jane Pool, who died June 26th 1939, aged 75 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R5M14 - In loving memory of Thomas Potts who died May 2nd 1921, aged 71 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died May 4th 1923, aged 72 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R10M6 - In loving memory of William Henry Ravenhill of Askham who died July 4th 1907 aged 57 years. Also of Ellen, his wife who died April 6th 1953 aged 95 years.

1903N/R6M15 - In loving memory of Laura Reed died 7th May 1978 aged 81 years. 'Back home'.

1903N/R1M9 - In memory of Catherine second daughter of the late Quincey and Eleanor Rew of 23 Chester Terrace, Regents Park London, who died at Glencoinside Ullswater, 30 Jany. 1939. Also of Eleanor elder sister of the above, and widow of the Revd. W. J. Williamson Vicar of St. Luke's, Wimbledon Park who died at Glencoinside Ullswater, 9 Feby. 1939. Also of Mary Rew of Glencoinside died 21 Oct. 1952.

1903N/R3M2 - To the dear memory of Elsie the beloved wife of Hugh Teasdale Roberts who died November 8th 1928. 'Underneath are the everlasting arms'. Deut. XXXIII.27 Hugh Teasdale Roberts, died Jan 30th 1938.

1903N/R6M13 - In loving memory of our dear mother Jane Routledge, who died at Noran Bank June 26th 1919, aged 68 years. Also of our dear father Thomas Routledge who died Nov 25th 1926, aged 76 years. Also George, son of the above, who died June 13th 1900, aged 23 years. Also John, son of the above, who died in Persia, Dec 3rd 1918, aged 27 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R10M3 - In loving memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of John Scott of Deepdale Bridge, Patterdale, who died Nov. 24th 1902 aged 79 years. Also of the above John Scott, who died Feb. 5th 1906, aged 81 years.

1903N/R4M2 - In loving memory of Lavinia, the beloved wife of the late Tom Wilson Sewell, of Liverpool, who entered into rest 26th February 1925, aged 76 years.

1903N/R4M12 - Mary Jane Shaw died June 1st 1921, aged 63 years. Robert Shaw died July 1st 1939, aged 84 years.

1903N/R6M5 - W. S. 1907 (Footstone for William Shaw)

1903N/R6M6 - J. Shaw died Aug. 19th 1914. (Footstone for John Shaw)

1903N/R8M5 - In loving memory of Joseph Shaw, who died March 30th 1912 aged 71 years.

1903N/R8M3 - In loving memory of Joseph, the beloved husband of Jane Sisson, who died at the White Lion Hotel Nov 29th 1902, aged 39 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R6M2 - In memory of Jean Smith died May 29th 1908 aged 5 years. 'Loved by all'.

1903N/R1M15 - In loving memory of Jane Sweeten wife of John Atkinson Sweeten of Penrith. And of their daughter Mary Alice Sweeten of Ullswater House, Glenridding died 28 April 1963 aged 95 years.

1903N/R2M7 - In loving memory of Frank Percy Sweeten died 29 Oct. 1945, aged 75 years. And of his beloved wife May died 29 Aug. 1969, aged 94 years.

1903N/R4M10 - In loving memory of Jane, widow of the late John Atkinson Sweeten Penrith who died at Glenridding Feb. 20th 1919.

1903N/R1M2 - 7394272 Private H. W. Thompson Royal Army Medical Corps 2nd May 1944 age 23. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the lord'. Revelation XIV:13

1903N/R2M6 - In loving memory of Clara, beloved wife of Thomas Thompson, died 2nd May 1923. 'At rest'.

1903N/R10M4 - In loving memory of our dear father James Thomson accidentally killed Kirkstone Pass 13th July 1907.

1903N/R2M8 - In loving memory of Thomas Walker, who died at Penrith, 21st November 1929, aged 83 years. Also of Ruth his wife, who died at Glenridding, 20th April 1923, aged 74 years.

1903N/R1M1 - 260645 Private T. H. Wall Border Regiment 17th April 1918 age 24

1903N/R10M2 - In affectionate remembrance of Henry Wall who died at Glenridding Augst 8th 1896 aged 61 years, also Susannah his wife who died at Penrith Febry 1st 1912 aged 76 years. Also Henry their son who died at Carlisle Infirmary Oct 21st 1902 aged 38 years. 'Thy will be done'.

1903N/R3M6 - In loving memory of the Rev. George Pexall Wallace, M.A. B.D., beloved husband of Katharine Wallace, 26 Sept. 1871 - 16 Augt. 1946. 'Truly a son of god'.

1903N/R3M3 - In loving memory of Joseph Watson 1868 - 1925. Also of his wife Elizabeth 1873 - 1960. Robin Watson died 28th Oct. 1976 aged 68 years. And of his wife Agnes died 27th Oct. 1998 aged 89 years.

1903N/R4M4 - In loving memory of Robinson Watson of Moss Side Deepdale, who died April 18th 1914, aged 74 years. Also Eliza, wife of the above, who died Sept. 29th 1914, aged 64 years. 'Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away'.

1903N/R5M7 - In loving memory of Amelia, the beloved wife of James Watson Glenridding who fell asleep March 5th 1908, aged 62 years. 'It is Christ that died'. Romans VIII. 34. Also of the above James Watson who fell asleep June 16th 1919 aged 76 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R6M4 - In loving memory of Mary, the beloved wife of Joseph Watson, who died July 17th 1907, aged 80 years. Proverbs XXXI, 10,11,12. Also of the above Joseph Watson who died Sept 14th 1918, aged 87 years. 'At rest'.

1903N/R3M4 - Jonathan Wilkinson. Died 25th Novr. 1946 (Concealed in a bush)

1903N/R4M8 - In loving memory of Joseph Wilkinson (late of Glencoin) who died Dec. 11th 1919, aged 62 years. Also of his brother Jonathan, of Middleton Place who died Nov. 25th 1946, aged 85 years.

1903N/R1M10 - No wording visible.

1903N/R9M2 - No wording visible apart from 1906.

1903N/R9M3 - No wording visible.