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Churchyard Memorials

The graveyard which surrounds St Patrick's Church in Patterdale, contains over 480 visible graves and is divided into eleven sections as shown on the plan below. Clicking on an area will take you to the transcriptions and photos that Chris Darvill has made for that section. It would be confusing to provide the 'official' grave numbers, as these are presented on several old plans, which vary in quality, methodology and accuracy. Instead, Chris has created a simple coordinate system that should help a visitor locate a gravestone quickly (Rows are numbered from West to East within a section and Monument number from South to North). For example, if you are looking for 'South R2M4', go to the South Section (as shown on the plan below), locate the second row in from the West and then the fourth monument in (from the Southern edge) is the one.

All of the graves have been photographed and these can be viewed by clicking on the location reference of the relevant transcription.