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Page Last Reviewed: 23 Oct 2012


Local couple Tim and Pat Cook have been at the centre of red squirrel conservation in the dale for many years. They have now produced a book 'STUMPY Hero of the Lakes'. Inspired by an injured squirrel that visited their feeder for several months, Tim wrote the story and Pat drew the illustrations.

The bulk of any profits from the sale of the book will be donated to red squirrel conservation groups in the region.

The book is on sale at Patterdale Post Office and other locations priced £6.99.

In February 2009, Tim and Pat announced that they had covered their expenses in producing Stumpy Hero of the Lakes and were now able to give the profits to red squirrel charities such as the Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group. If there are steady sales they should eventually raise a fairly substantial four figure sum for the cause. They wish to thank everyone in the valley who have supported them and to their local stockists such as Patterdale Post Office, Ullswater Steamers, Rheged, Fred Holdsworth Books, Ambleside, and Bookends, Keswick.