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Page last Reviewed: 05 Apr 2021

Speed Test

This speed test page was originally introduced in 2010, at the start of the campaign to get super fast broadband into the dale. It provided evidence of the poor service that rural communities like ours were receiving. Happily most of the properties in the dale can now access reasonably fast broadband from one of the three fibre cabinets that have now been installed by BT Openreach. The emphasis has therefore changed, we now want to show the speeds people are getting from their faster service compared to that expected at various distances. Please take a moment to help.

Run the Open Speed Test

This improved test should work on most devices as it does not require Flash to be installed on your device. Make sure that you, or anyone else in the house, are not running any applications that may be using the internet whilst you run the test. As the test is also much quicker, it could be worth repeating the test a few times to see that you are getting consistent results. The moving graphs on the right are a good indicator of the consistency of the test, if you see lots of dips or a slow build up it could mean that something else was interfering with the test - so repeat it. If you let us know the results of your test and location, we can display them as anonymised dots on the Speed Test Charts, enabling you and others to see the kind of speeds that are being achieved.