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BT Community Fibre Partnerships

BT have launched a Community Fibre Partnerships initiative - click here for details. These Community Fibre Partnerships are aimed at communities who will not be covered by the Connecting Cumbria Phase 1 & 2 roll-outs.

Some members of the community in Deepdale have expressed potential interest in a Community Fibre Partnership. BT have asked for address details and phone numbers of those who are potentially interested in joining such a scheme. BT will then cost up a scheme for the local community so that residents and businesses can then decide whether or not they want to progress the partnership.

Alternatives for communities such as Deepdale would seem to be stay with existing broadband arrangements, apply for the Connecting Cumbria satellite offer where eligible, develop an alternative with another provider, await the introduction of the Government "10Mbps for all by 2020", or the arrival of as yet unlaunched new technical options.

Legal Right to Minimum 10Mbps Broadband Speed by 2020

The Government has announced (07/11/15) that a broadband "Universal Service Obligation" will be introduced to give everyone the right to a minmum 10Mbps broadband service no matter where they live. Click here to read the announcement in detail.