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Church Memorials

The following memorials are to be found inside the Church.

To the Glory of God and in memory of Dr. William Mounsey Hobson who died Jany 4th 1853 aged 31 years and of his Widow Elizabeth Mary Ann Hobson of Croft House Patterdale, elder Daughter of the late Revd. John Thompson, formerly Rector of this Parish, died April 15th 1898 aged 75 years this window is dedicated - 1899.

In gratitude to God for the life and joyous memory of Elizabeth Ann Little wife of Thomas R. Little of Daweswood who died 4th September 1930, aged 59 years.

In memory of John Walker Martindale MRCS LSA of Place Fell House, born 4th August 1838 died 21st July 1874 interred at Mardale 25th July 1874.

Erected by the voluntary contributions of his patients.

To the Glory of God and in memory of Dorothy Thompson of Croft House Patterdale younger Daughter of the late Revd. John Thompson former Rector of this Parish died April 17th 1893 aged 64 years this window is dedicated 1899.

To the glory of God and in memory of Aaron Nelson. 26 years schoolmaster of this Parish, this brass is dedicated by many of his friends and fellow parishioners, who knew his public and private worth, and the services which he often so readily and so unselfishly rendered both to his neighbours and to this Parish. Born 13th July 1835 - died 21st March 1884.

In loving memory of the Rev John Thompson Incumbent of this Parish 57 years, who died 7th June 1861 aged 84 years. And of Dorothy his wife who died 21st June 1846 aged 62 years. Also of their sons John Mounsey who died 1st September 1887 aged 68 and Thomas Mounsey who died 25th March 1842 aged 17. This window is placed by their surviving daughters Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Dorothy A.D. 1893.

In memory of Margaret Watson 1907-1990 whose bequest made this extension possible.

Located in the new Meeting Room extension.