Public Hall

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To book the Public Hall in Glenridding contact
Michelle Edgar on 017684 82332

The hall has one large room suitable for parties and large meetings. There is some parking at both ends of the hall  for people using the Hall. Some local businesses are permit holders and pay an annual charge for parking.
For a list of events at the Public Hall, see the 'What's On' page.

On the 17th of May 1913, William Herbert Marshall of Patterdale Hall conveyed Glenridding Public Hall to Patterdale Parish Council as "Sole Trustee" to be used as a parish reading and recreation room.

In October 2015 with the Parish Council's blessing, 12 local people applied to the Charity Commission to register as a new charity. On the 22nd February 2016 the application was accepted, The Charity commission stated that: We are satisfied that GLENRIDDING PUBLIC HALL is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1165670 (new)

Our decision: The decision to register was based on our assessment of the information supplied during the application process and the declarations given in the trustee declaration form and we are satisfied that GLENRIDDING PUBLIC HALL is established for charitable purposes only for the public benefit.

The Vesting Declaration and Transferring of the Deeds was duly signed on April 11th to which we received the following reply: Thank you for your email notification relating to the merger of Glenridding Public Hall (1066544) with Glenridding Public Hall (1165670). The merger has been registered on 20 April 2016 with a transfer date of 11 April 2016. I can confirm that Glenridding Public Hall (1066544) has been removed from the Register of Charities.

The new Trustees of Glenridding Public Hall, now responsible for the management and upkeep of the Hall are: Anne Gibson (Chair) Gillian Beggs (Secretary) Betty Jackson (Treasurer) with Rosanna Lightfoot, Joan Wear, Ann Burrell, Christine Kenyon, Heather Jackson, Helen Beaty, Madelaine Teasdale, Carl Scrivens and Steve Sykes all who will endeavour to maintain and upgrade it for the benefit of all residents of Patterdale Parish and beyond.

Entrance to Glenridding Public Hall
 This is our new kitchen which is proving a great 
asset to our Village Hall
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7 Jul 2015, 10:53
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