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Listed below are news items that cover the development of provision at the Glenridding Health Centre over recent years:

Glenridding Health Centre - Latest News - March 30, 2016

Dr Melrose from NHS England (Cumbria & the North East) has written to confirm that the current arrangements at the Health Centre will continue for now: "I am more than happy to confirm that we will be extending the arrangement with CHOC beyond April whilst we resolve the long term solution to provision in Glenridding. We agreed to extend to June at the meeting and hope that we will be in a position to proceed at that point."

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Glenridding Health Centre - Latest News - December, 2015

Dr Melrose and Christine Keen had once again agreed to attend an Open Parish Meeting on Tuesday 8th December at 19:00 in the Glenridding Public Hall to listen to people's views and to discuss some possible models for the future of the Health Centre. However, because of flooding in the village, the Dec 8th meeting was cancelled.

NHS England are currently looking for a long term solution for service provision and are in discussions with the Patient Participation Group and the Glenridding Surgery about potential options for the future. They are keen to engage the wider public at this early stage to ensure that whatever solution is put in place meets needs of the Dale in the most practical way possible, given the obvious constraints in place.

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Glenridding Health Centre - Latest News - 7th October, 2015

The letter below is being sent by NHS England to all Glenridding Health Centre patients, outlining how GP services will be provided by Cumbria Healthcare On Call for a temporary period from 07 October 2015 until 30 April 2016.


Dear Patient

Important information regarding your GP Practice, Glenridding Health Centre

I am writing to you following the letter we sent you on 13 August in which we advised that NHS England, Cumbria and the North East had reached agreement with The Lakes Medical Practice to deliver services in Glenridding following the retirement of Dr Smith on 06 October.

You may already be aware that the Lakes Medical Practice has decided that they can no longer take on the practice at the present time. This is due to unforeseen circumstances which mean they need to focus on providing services to patients already registered with their existing Penrith surgery.

NHS England has been committed to maintaining services in Glenridding throughout this process and I can confirm that Cumbria Healthcare On Call (CHOC) has agreed to take on responsibility for the contract and provide GP services to the patients of Glenridding Health Centre for a temporary period from 07 October 2015 until 30 April 2016.  

As a patient you will not need to take any action. The services provided and opening hours at Glenridding Health Centre will remain unchanged.

We will be writing to you again in the coming months to provide further detail with regard to the service after 30 April 2016, however, If you have any questions or concerns please contact Healthwatch on 03003 038 567 or alternatively you can email

Yours sincerely

Dr Craig Melrose


Glenridding Health Centre - Latest News -  22nd September, 2015

Penrith based Lakes Medical Practice was expected to provide services at Glenridding Health Centre from October 7th, 2015. However, at the Parish Council meeting on September 22nd, the Chair of the Parish Council, Rob Shephard, advised that unfortunately the Lakes Medical Practice is currently not in a position to take on the management of our Health Centre. Reasons for this are unclear at present but NHS England have stated that there will be locum cover on the retirement of our GP from the 7th October.

Open Meeting - Glenridding Public Hall - August 18th, 2015

Here are the notes of the Open Meeting called by the Parish Council and held on August 18th to discuss the future of the Health Centre:



PRESENT;- Cllr Rob Shephard (In the Chair), Dr. Craig Melrose, NHS Interim Medical Director for Cumbria and the North East, Christine Keen (NHS Director of Commissioning Strategy) and 51 members of the public.


Introduction & Background

The Chairman opened the meeting and invited Dr Melrose to outline the current situation regarding Glenridding Health Centre.


Dr Smith is retiring and the NHS has been in a process to ensure that there is a continuation of services at the Glenridding Practice.  There are currently around 750 registered with the Glenridding practice. The Lakes Medical Practice, located in Penrith, has been chosen through a procurement process and the two Practices will now meet to discuss the impending changeover with a due date of 7th October 2015.  This process is known as the “mobilisation” process.


The Lakes Medical Practice

The current Lakes Medical Practice has 5.4 full time Doctors and at present each doctor is responsible for approximately 1750 patients which is a good ratio when compared to the rest of the country.  The Penrith practice currently has flexible opening hours, including being open until 19:00 3 days a week and Saturday mornings (08:30-11:30).


Glenridding will become a “branch” surgery for the main practice in Penrith, and patients registered with the Glenridding Surgery will have a choice of appointments at Glenridding or Penrith. A Doctor will be available on site in Glenridding from Monday to Friday. The fine details of opening hours and surgery hours at Glenridding will be subject to the ongoing discussions with Lakes Medical Practice, although the surgery ‘call centre’ will be operational from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.


A Contract in perpetuity is being granted to Lakes Medical Practice to provide services at Glenridding 5 days a week and this will create stability for the future. The contract has not yet been formally signed and the specific details of the service provision to be available at Glenridding are being agreed as part of the current “mobilisation” process.


Mobilisation Process

Mobilisation starts this week (Thursday) when the two Practices begin talks to achieve a smooth changeover.  The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been involved and will continue to be involved in these negotiations.  Some members of the public present expressed disquiet that they knew nothing about the PPG and asked for information on how they could communicate and make representations to it.  The Chairman undertook to make this information widely available to local residents so that they felt included in the process.  There is only a narrow time frame for representations and these should be fed through the Parish Council in the first instance and then fed into the mobilisation process through NHS England. 


Specific Issues raised by members of the public included:


Will we be able to make an appointment on the phone or drop in” All appointments are likely to be through the existing Lakes Medical Practice “call back” booking mechanism over the phone when patients ring up and are called back (usually within one hour) to either make an appointment at the surgery or discuss issues over the phone. This service will operate from 08:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday.


What impact would the proposed funding cuts have to the service (up to a 50% reduction over the next 5-7 years). Dr Melrose confirmed that under the new General Medical Services contract that equalises funding across all GP surgeries in the country, the Glenridding Surgery will receive in the region of £100k from the NHS.  This represents a 50% cut in the present PMS funding as the Practice moves to the new model.   The formula being followed is the Carr-Hill formula adopted by the NHS and includes a rurality factor and will be implemented over 7 years. The Lakes Medical Practice is aware of the proposed cuts and this has been factored in to their proposal as far as is possible.


The number of tourists and temporary residents who use Glenridding Surgery who need to be factored into the discussions, which greatly increases the “750” number on the current register


The demographics of the community including young families and elderly residents for whom a local surgery and dispensary are invalauble


Will there be a doctor on site all day?  As above, no answer could yet be given, however assurance was given that availability to a Doctor through the local surgery will always be there, and a Doctor will be in Glenridding every day from Monday to Friday – hours to be agreed.


Has the Contract Yet Been Signed? As above not yet, although Christine Keen said that the GMS Contract is available to view on the internet.  At present a signed letter of intent had been agreed with Lakes Medical Practice with the actual contract awaiting signature.


What will happen to the current members of staff” The current staff members are being transferred to the Lake Medical Practice under the standard TUPE arrangements and decisions will be taken over final staffing during the mobilisation process.


How will patients be involved in the mobilisation process As above anyone with any issues or concerns can raise them either through the Patient Participation Group or the Parish Council, who will then feed them to NHS England. Obviously the sooner this is done the better so if anyone has any concerns please contact one fo the above groups as soon as possible.


When will the Lakes Medical Practice be able to meet with the Community to discuss the new arrangements? Christine Keen promised to find out the earliest possible date before the 7th October although expectation was that a letter of information will be sent to every patient at Glenridding Surgery week commencing 28th September 2015.  This will give them everything they need to know in relation to the new arrangements.


The Chairman thanked the NHS Officers & public for their attendance and declared the Meeting closed.

NHS Letter to Patterdale Parish Council - 14th August 2015

Here is the letter to Rob Shephard:

Dear Mr R Shephard

Important information regarding GP Practice, Glenridding Health Centre

I am writing to you following the letter we sent you on 21 July 2015 in which we advised that NHS England were in discussions with a number of providers who expressed an interest in delivering services in Glenridding.

We are now in a position to confirm that we have been successful in securing an alternative provider, The Lakes Medical Practice. The Lakes Medical Practice will commence providing services for Glenridding Health Centre on 7th October 2015.  We will now commence the detail of transferring the contract.
The Lakes Medical Practice is a local GP practice located in Penrith. The practice will provide increased telephone access, and a range of GPs and nursing staff that offer a wide variety of services. Patients will be able to access services at Glenridding or the main site in Penrith.
We will be writing to patients week commencing 17 August to advise them of the changes and confirm that patients will not need to register with another practice, unless they choose to do so.

We will however be writing to you again in the coming weeks to provide further detail with regard to the service, however if you have any questions or concerns about these changes, in the meantime please contact Kelly Wilson on, or alternatively phone 0113 824 7258.

Yours sincerely
Tracy Johnstone
Head of Primary Care
NHS England
Cumbria and the North East

Background Information on Lakes Medical Practice

The Lakes Medical Practice currently serves approx 9000 patients in a 10 mile radius around Penrith. Here are some links for more information:

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