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Fibre to the Cabinet Speeds

Page Editor: Norman Jackson Page last Reviewed: 09 Sep 2018  
In the charts below, we are trying to show the kind of speeds that can be expected if you upgrade to Fibre Broadband depending upon your distance from the Fibre Broadband Cabinet. It is important to note that 'distance' is the length of copper wire from the cabinet to your house (not a straight line). During the early days of our broadband campaign, we mapped all of the telephone lines in Hartsop, Deepdale and Patterdale (sad, I know!) so that we could estimate the length of the wires (We didn't map all the lines in Glenridding as most properties were close enough to the exchange to get high speeds).

An estimate of your line length can be obtained by clicking the dot which marks your property on our interactive map
If you live in Deepdale or Patterdale, please subtract 1300 metres from the line length shown, as the copper wires between the exchange and the cabinet near the Mountain Rescue base are now fibre (for fibre customers). If you live in Hartsop, you will need to subtract 5200 metres to get the length of copper wire from the new fibre cabinet by the bus shelter.

The estimated speed for download shown below is that accepted by the ISP's as being typical (not contractual). As before with ADSL (shown in Orange for comparison), lots of things can affect the speed. The red dots are the speeds that local people have submitted to us using the speed test page on Patterdale Today - please help us to add more data points by submitting your results.

Upload speeds are more mysterious. There are no 'official' charts that show estimated speeds, so it will be even more useful if locals can submit their speed results. The blue line on the chart below, showing estimated speeds, was obtained on a broadband forum from an unknown source, also it only shows speeds up to 1500 metres.