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Speed Test

Page Editor: Norman Jackson Page last Reviewed: 02 May 2015  
As part of the County Councils 'Connecting Cumbria' Project, a small group of local 'Broadband Champions' are campaigning to get the broadband service improved for us all and particularly for Hartsop. The eventual aim is to get a Superfast Fibre-Optic service in the Parish.
An important aspect of this campaign is to map the speeds presently being achieved. Please take a moment to help.

(Note: The BBC Speed Test we previously used has been discontinued by the BBC - as a replacement we are trying the BT Wholesale Speed Test, as it seems to give reliable results without the advertisements found on many sites)

STEP 1 - Scroll down and run the BTW Speed Test
It is not essential to undertake all of the steps listed in red before you begin the test - they are designed to provide the optimum conditions for high speed. We suggest that for a start you simply click the Yes box and begin the test - this will give you a speed measurement under the conditions you normally use your computer. However, if your results seem worse than expected, then it would then be worth trying the steps they list. 

STEP 2 - PLEASE DON'T FORGET to scroll down further after you have run the test to tell us your download speed and location. Thank you.

Patterdale Broadband Speed Survey